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See the Bible Verse that was embedded in Bitcoin’s 666,666th Block 



Over seven (7) hours ago on the bitcoin blockchain,  a certain text was embedded on the bitcoin network. The text was from the Bible, Romans 12:21.

This text was embedded in the 666,666th block of the bitcoin blockchain. Romans 12:21 reads “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

The nature of the blockchain allows for permanent entry of records. It becomes impossible to change the information entered into the blocks. 

This entry into the blockchain bears an unusual connection or resemblance as it were to the first block of the bitcoin network. The first block is called Genesis which is the first book in the Bible. In that block, Satoshi Nakamoto embedded a text “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”

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The rationale behind the creation of bitcoin was to the provision of an alternate financial system that doesn’t away with the whole inefficiencies of the current financial systems. Through the innovation of bitcoin, the global financial landscape has been transformed. 

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The text in the first Bitcoin block was a significant event in the history of the world and it signals the activities of mismanagement of both personal and collective wealth. The entity may be termed as the “evil”. This recent embedding reflects that same idea. 

That man should not be overcome of evil, but should overcome evil with good.

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