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Blockchain Wallet Goes Down as Bitcoin Price Pumps, User Calls it A Joke.



Blockchain Wallet has suffer a system outage as the price of cryptocurrencies rages high.

Users of the wallet took to twitter to air their grievances over what has taken over twelve hours according the time stamp on the twitter comments.

A user replied to a tweet by the wallet provider which read:
“Tired of exchanges going down just as #bitcoin moons?
Trade when you want, not just when you can at  六‍”

The twitter user said “What a joke. Went down right as I was about to withdraw too.”

Another user by the name Yassin Bahri blast the firm saying “we deserve a reward since you failed us clearly”

Crypto Guy, an apparent user of the wallet also commented on the issue saying “Lmaoooo how can u tweet this right when your shit goes down ”

A user by name Adeleye kehinde also commented on the issue “There are issues when logging in on blockchain app. Why is this problem persisting without their support team getting to the customers? Even if there would be an upgrade which might have led to this, it should have been communicated.”

Nonetheless, he continued “this is not a new and uncommon issues in the cryptocurrency industry, we look forward to how this issue is solved as this Blockchain app has been in existence and has been delivering for quite number of years.”

It’s unclear when the issue will be resolved since the firm hasn’t made any revelation as to when normalcy will return.

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