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Is The US Opting for a Blockchain-backed Vote-by-Mail System for The Upcoming Elections?



The United States Postal Service (USPS) filed an application earlier this year on the 7th of February to the effect that it has transcended to a new system of vote-by-email elections system which is backed by blockchain. 

The application was finally published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last Thursday. The whole essence of this application is “to prevent tampering” of electronic election ballots by integrating the “dependability and security” of the USPS alongside with blockchain technology.

One good thing about USPS is that it allows for easier ways for voters to access the polls. Some of these means include: sending out mails of token-linked QR codes; and dispersing scannable paper passcodes to a virtual voting system; safeguarding voter identification on the blockchain; safekeeping electronic voting signatures on the network; and keeping the votes on the blockchain.

What is uncertain is if any of these propositions could aid mail-in ballot security or prevent the loopholes that security researchers regularly hurl at extant blockchain-backed voting structures. The real motive behind this patent by the Postal Service is still yet to be understood.One of their press correspondents barely gave answers when he was asked when USPS will test its methods in real time. It is a given that any transition in the United States’ voting structure will reach all states and counties. 

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