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#BUIDLAFRICA Celebrates Outstanding Africans in blockchain Space



#BUIDLAFRICA celebrates the developments, achievements, and efforts of Africans in #blockchain space as they work, contributing to making solutions that make life easier and better.

In honoring the outstanding works of Africans, #BUIDL AFRICA is proud to present for the month of February, some outstanding Africans doing great things on the continent.

1. Personality of the Month

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure
Mamadou is one of the most influential people in Africa. He is the founder of the Africa 2.0 Foundation which was the pioneer in designing, influencing and driving a vision for Africa through Advocacy and concrete scalable Impact Initiatives.

Roselyne Wanjiru
Roselyne is an economist, youth mentor and blockchain strategy consultant. She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kesholabs Blockchain Centre, a Startup Studio in Kenya, Africa.

2. Community Manager of Month

Stephen Sunday from Aeternity.
Stephen Sunday, A blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast with so much passion for grassroot adoption of the technology. He is the CEO of KusuConsult a blockchain consulting firm and also, he together with his team pioneered the development of a blockchain DApp (Univote) which was used in University of Jos to conduct the first public election on blockchain in Africa.

3. Blockchain Article of the Month –

Author: Eric Ohene-Agyekum Annan, Cofounder/CEO at KuBitX Limited
Entrepreneur/Blockchain Advocate Cofounder KuBitX-Pan African Blockchain Solutions Company. Founded cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana.

4. Blog of the Month –

Bitcoin Africa is a leading African information and news portal publishing contents with the aim of promoting bitcoin and its underlying technology in Africa. It also offers events & conference listing services across Africa.

5. Brand of the Month- Buycoins (

BuyCoins is a service that enables users to trade cryptocurrency instantly with great ease. Currently based in Lagos, Nigeria and available in both iOS and Android devices, BuyCoins allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrency directly via the app easily.

6. Product of the Month – First Kudi (

First Kudi was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the revolutionary technologies of blockchain and digital currencies to individuals on the african continent.

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