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CI CryptoSolutions Offers Crypto Trading Module to Help Train Crypto Traders



CICryptosolutions offers a cryptocurrency trading competition module that allows anyone to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies.
The module which is based on the cryptocurrency exchange platform owned by CICryptosolutions – allows anyone which wishes to learn how to trade cryptocurrency to trade over 30 cryptocurrencies with ‘demo money’.
According to CICryptoSolution, for the emerging market for exchanginga cryptocurrency in Nigeria, it built and launched the web and app based cryptocurrency exchange platform to make it easier for those who which to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, ever since then, a lot of people have been gathering information about cryptocurrencies espacially Bitcoin and they are aware of the opportunities in the space of learing about cryptocurrency trading but yet still don’t know how to trade.
This Competition module is for them as it will train them in all trading scenarios and also test their trading skills wihtout pressure of using real money.
This will be the first of its kind platform in Nigeria. The module offers several features which includes the ability for traders to trade upto 30 cryptocurrenceies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. Traders also will not trade with real money but at the end of the competition, they are able to claim rewards in real prizes.
Users can see live feed for every cryptocurrency the user wishes to trade. Competition runs daily, weekly or on a monthly basis and there is also leaderboard where each trader will be able to see where he stands in the competition.
The reward for all competitions is paid into the Naijacrypto account of each trader and this can only be claimed to their wallet once the competition is over.
THe firm believes the competition module is an opportunity for those trying to learn cryptocurrency trading to involve themselves in trade scenarios without having the pressure of using real money and that the interaction between both beginners and expert traders can make the action of experts rub off the beginner traders.
Anyone can participate in the competition or any subsequent competitions by simply creating an account on the trading platform or they can download the mobile App.

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