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Bittrex International to Shutdown, Customers to Use a Soon to be Launched Bittrex Global Platform.



Bittrex has announced the closure of its Bittrex international trading platform and the launch of a new European trading platform, the Bittrex Global.

Confirming the date the ‘international’ platform will be shutdown, Bittrex in an email sent to its customers said on the 29th of October, 2019, the platform will be closing and the closure will coincide with the launch of a ‘new exchange partner’s.

According to the firm, the new partner will utilize the ‘trusted Bittrex technology platform.’

Headquartered in Liechtenstein, the email read “Bittrex Global aspires to be the premier global exchange for trading new and innovative blockchain tokens”.

In September 30th, Bittrex in a medium post said it will be launching a new platform, the Bittrex Global. According to the post, “Bittrex Global aspires to be the premier global exchange for trading new and innovative blockchain tokens in accordance with Liechtenstein’s Transaction Systems Based on Trustworthy Technologies Act, commonly referred to as the Blockchain Act.”

Once the Bittrex International platform goes off with the coming online of the Bittrex Global, customers of the former can effectively access the Bittrex Global platform using the login details of the former. This applies to corporate accounts also.

Despite the ability to access the Bittrex Global platform, customers will be required to accept the Terms of Service of the new platform before they can be able to use it.

According to a time table prepared by Bittrex, starting the series of steps that will see the successful migration of customers from one platform to the other, on the 21st of October, 2019; Customers of Bittrex International will be offered the opportunity to accept the terms of service of Bittrex Global.

The terms will become effective on the 29th of October when the Bittrex Global platform launches.

On the 29th of October will see the launch of the Bittrex Global platform. Customers accessing the ‘International’ platform will be redirected to the new platform where they will be prompted to accept the Terms of Service if they hadn’t.

In addition, the new platform will be launching a new customer support service.

Bittrex advised customers to follow the social media accounts of Bittrex Global platform for future announcements as the Bittrex International social media accounts will be retired.

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