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National Cryptocurrencies; Is There a Need?



Cryptocurrency is gaining rapid popularity and countries which were once sceptical of it are now adopting it. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was created in 2009 and since its creation, there have been more than 1500 different crypto tokens on the market. Although it is not sure how many of these coins will survive or make a difference in the world. For a while, most countries in the world remained sceptical while some adopted a regulatory approach regarding cryptocurrencies. However, more countries are beginning to see the benefit of cryptocurrencies. Countries like Venezuela and Cambodia have already had a National cryptocurrency country like Russia, Estonia, Denmark, China, Canada, Iran have also revealed their intention to develop their own national cryptocurrencies.
An Escape Route
There are many reasons why these countries adopt cryptocurrencies.
Venezuela, for example, released the
Petromoneda in February 2018 as a means of avoiding U.S sanctions and accessing international financing. The country had been faced with hyperinflation and coupled with the sanctions from the US, the economy was practically crumbling. Basic amenities such as food, water and healthcare services became difficult to access. Initially, the government was rigid with those mining cryptos in the country but, after it came up with its own cryptocurrency, mining became acceptable.
Cambodia is also facing threats of international sanctions and on Wednesday 7th March, 2018 the Deputy Prime Minister  of Cambodia, Men Sam during a blockchain summit held in Phnom Penh launched Entrapay, the Cambodia national cryptocurrency. He explained that, “the connection between integration payment of encrypted currency and the real world. It has the great potential to even replace Visa as the new mainstream payment mode.”
Sustaining the Country’s Financial Infrastructure
Countries like Russia, Iran and North Korea are also venturing into creating a national cryptocurrency. The Russian national cryptocurrency – the CryptoRuble is set to launch in the middle of 2019, the currency is likely to be tied to ruble. However, instead of decentralized mining it will be issued, tightly controlled, and monitored by the government. Most of these countries are trying to use the cryptocurrencies to help sustain their financial infrastructure.
The Chinese government is also looking to create a national digital currency. They aim is to control the total money flow in and out of the country. This will enable the central bank issue and distribute money thereby reducing cost of transactions and creating more accessible money services.
The Other Side of the Coin
However, there is another side to having a national cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency refer to a currency that is digital, decentralized and distributed and the term “national” negates that purpose. Having a national cryptocurrency will grant the government full control over the money flow and this is not the true purpose of cryptocurrencies.


What do you think about your country having a national cryptocurrency? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
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