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How Can the Blockchain Disrupt the Recruitment Industry in Africa



Africa is a growing continent blessed with human and natural resources. But despite witnessing some great achievements in the past decades, one of the biggest problems the continent faces is unemployment. Due to unemployment or unfavourable working conditions, the manpower the continent needs to run the continent leaves in droves looking for greener pastures.
Despite the number of departures, the youth population in Africa is expected to double, to over 830 million, by 2050. This spells doom as there is little or no infrastructure to curtail this disaster as some countries such as South Africa already has a percentage of 27.7 unemployment while Nigeria tags behind Greece with a percentage of 18.8 unemployment. However, since the inception of Blockchain technology, various sectors from health to real estate have experienced disruptions and the recruitment sector is not to be left behind. The question now is what can the blockchain technology do for the recruitment industry in Africa?
Solution Needed
The challenges faced by recruitment agencies might not be visible as that of other sectors but then it there are lots of unemployed youths in Africa and this calls for an urgent solution. Recruiters face challenges that range from trying to place someone at an organization to vetting a qualified candidate for various positions. But, One of the biggest challenge facing Africa is ‘data’. Africa lacks a solid database and this proves to be a huge problem for recruiters when vetting candidates. Most often, the wrong man for the job gets picked up and it might set the company backward.
Recruiters have to prove that the candidates indeed have the qualification they claim to have. they also have to ascertain that the educational qualification, work history, and references are legitimate. They cannot just take the candidates resume at face value neither can they become a forensic scientist in the process of confirming the legitimacy of a candidate’s document. A new solution will need to overcome the hurdles face by recruiters before a company discovers too late that a top executive isn’t the graduate he claims to be.
The Blockchain Solution
Recruitment agencies can benefit from the blockchain technology which has other uses cases beyond cryptocurrencies its most popular use case. The blockchain technology is one that makes systems more secure, more efficient, increased transparency, and provides accurate tracking. it also provides a permanent ledger and it reduces the cost of interacting with a middle for verification. Using a blockchain platform such as Uport, a candidates identity can be verified. This is because Uport allows one to build their identity on the blockchain making it verifiable anywhere in the world. Since the blockchain cannot be easily edited and only accessible to the concerned parties, the candidate cannot falsify his information and the data is accessible to just the recruiter.
Candidates will have to input real data since it could be easily traced if it is falsified. the candidate’s entire educational background and work history, as well as references, can be assessed by the recruiter. This will be a game changer in Africa where falsifying paper records seems to be so easy.

What do you think about using the blockchain in recruitment? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
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