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South Africa Coder Set to Redefine the Music Distribution Industry



Music is going the blockchain way as a South African coder, Capetonian Simon de la Rouviere is trying to build the next Spotify but he wants to bypass the “extensive negotiations with record labels.”  Rouviere is the Cofounder of a blockchain based music distribution platform called Ujo Music. The Ethereum based-blockchain platform, Ujo means container in Esperanto. The platform allows artists release their music and receive 100% of the payments without going through all the hurdles the industry is known for.
Rouviere says, “[Ujo Music] allows artists to upload their works and attach a simple, download, licensing policy to be sold in an online store. 100% of the payments go directly to the artist.” Uzo Music already has clients such as Grammy-award winning artist Imogen Heap, DJ RAC and electronic music producer Giraffage. Rouviere explains,
“Currently, the music industry has a lot of silos & expensive, unnecessary steps involved to facilitate licensing. [Ujo] cuts the middleman.”
Ujo Music is currently being run by a team of nine people in ConsenSys. The team will be launching a mobile application and is trying to grow into a full fledged licensing platform. De la Rouviere is also a writer and a musician,while studying at Stellenbosch University he created a tweet search service TwimeMachine and curator He joined ConsenSys in 2015 and has been working on Ujo Music since then.
He explained that the music distribution industry needs improvement and he had been longing to improve it. Rouviere says, “Music is very vivid to me. It allows one to change the world you see around you. Making music for me is my way to escape. I just get lost in it…[And] it was an industry just waiting for disruption. It needed to be changed.”

What do you think about Uzo Music? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
Image credit: Pixabay


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