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Blockstarters launches Crypto Hub in South Africa



South Africa is doing more in the crypto space besides investing in bitcoin. The African nation can now boast of its first blockchain hub and accelerator, Blockstarters. The company has a great offer for crypto and blockchain startups who can now get workspace and support from the hub which was launched in Johannesburg.
Sometime last month, Blockstarters had announced its partnership with Zimbabwean cryptocurrencies exchange Golix. The exchange was expanding into South Africa and a  partnership with the hub was born to further drive participation in the blockchain space.
Blockstarters had a lot to offer the budding blockchain space in South Africa. Legal services, Co-working and private office space, startup services which would include accounting, marketing and branding support, regulatory discussion workshops and technical learning sessions are part of what Blockstarters is offering the crypto space.
Earlier in the month, Blockstarters held its launch event in Sandton and remarkable presence in the blockchain space were at the event.  The event had speakers such as managing executive of Fractal Solutions, Tanya Knowles, chief executive officer of Golix Tawanda Kembo and CEO of VALR, Farzam Ehsani. The aim of Blockstarters is to be the central point for all developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry for the African continent.
Kreaan Singh, a partner of the hub explains, “We created this space because we wanted to bring together high calibre startups in this industry under one roof, enabling skills sharing, linking investors, and providing an energy-intensive space for innovation.”
The company is only creating a workspace where startups can freely interact with each other, network and  leverage off each others to ensure that products get to market at a faster rate. Singh further explained, “Blockstarters is also becoming a central point for corporates to interact with and understand the latest developments in the crypto and blockchain world, attracting interest both locally and internationally.”

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