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EOS Nairobi to hold Blockchain Awareness Day



EOS is ready to launch and in about 12 days from now (precisely on June 3rd)  the EOS blockchain will be live. The EOS communities all over the world are eagerly anticipating the launch. But EOS community  Nairobi, Kenya is taking the anticipation a notch further by trying to educate, enlighten and broaden their community. The EOS community Nairobi will be having a “Blockchain Awareness Day” on the 26th of May 2018.
“The Blockchain awareness Day” the Nairobi EOS community is organising is to propagate the gospel of cryptocurrency to Kenya and Africa.  The theme of the event is “Raising Blockchain Awareness in Africa.”
The beauty about EOS is that it is on schedule and ready launch in June as tests are going well and no delays are expected. EOS has the first blockchain
supporting “interchain communication” making EOS capable of running several blockchains in parallel. EOS will be able to support at least 1000 transactions per second at a start using a 1-core implementation.
The EOS Nairobi community is partnering with Seacom, Belfrics, Techno Brain and Bithub Africa. The partnership will aid in spreading the reach of the knowledge of the blockchain technology.  Kenya has been at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency happenings in Africa and it seems they aim to keep it that way as they have the largest EOS community in Africa. At the end of the event the EOS Nairobi community is definitely going to expand.
The EOS Nairobi blockchain awareness day will have stakeholders in the blockchain space together for a collaboration on how to take the blockchain movement forward in all spheres.  The various blockchain communities, government officials, local enterprise partners, international partners and local investors will also be present as the blockchain use case is widespread. The various stakeholders will outline their plans and strategies for creating an enabling environment for the growth and development of the blockchain space in Kenya in particular  and Africa as a whole. The event is scheduled for May 26, 2016 and it plans to be revolutionary. Also, there will be free token to be given away from Bitcoin  Cash. So, if you are thinking of missing the event, you better think again.

Do you think that the Blockchain awareness day will increase participation and adoption of the blockchain in Africa? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
Image credit: eventbrite
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