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Golix Partners With Blockstarters, A Start-Up Incubator



Recently, the first ever cryptocurrency ATM in Africa was shipped to Zimbabwean by a cryptocurrency startup Golix. The startup raised the bar as it tries to penetrate the African market by partnering with south African Blockchain incubator Blockstarters. Golix aims to expand the reach of its services to the rest of Arica but is starting with South Africa.
Golix Heads Off to Capture the South African Market
The partnership with Blockstarter, a Johannesburg-based crypto/blockchain hub and incubator will help ease Golix’s entry to the market as a startup. Blockstarters focuses on helping startups attain their maximum potential by providing various blockchain expertise and capital ventures.
The startup has a positive outlook to the situation as Golix’s Product Manager, Yeukai Kusangaya, said during a press release: “This is a positive and a promising move. The crypto/blockchain hub and incubator is set to be a huge learning platform for Golix in an all new different environment. During this period the hub will be more of a compass to us as navigate into a new market factoring in the cost of exploring new depths like this.”
Blockstarters  whose sole aim was outlined by the co-founder Krean Singh who said: “As entrepreneurs ourselves, we created Blockstarters to bring together the very best in the crypto & blockchain industry. We want startups to grow together, and to inspire one another to create innovative solutions for Africa. How better to do this than to bring everyone under one roof? We the Blockstarters founders have been involved in the industry since 2013, and now live much of our lifestyles off cryptocurrencies. Companies like Golix will one day help millions of other people to do the same.”
Despite the caution the government of Zimbabwe is holding towards cryptocurrencies, Golix is undeterred as it plans to add the South African Rand (ZAR) as a new currency to its platform. This will aid the 3 million Zimbabweans currently living in south Africa to utilize the platforms during their annual remittance.
Golix plan is to grow beyond its two offices and 22 staff members in Zimbabwe’s capital. We hope to see the startup expand its reach to other countries making a name for themselves in the crypto space such as Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.
What do you think about this partnership? Leave your questions and comments now below.

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