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Binance partners with Bermuda



Binance has been in the news a lot recently and it’s for all the right reasons. The largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world is the news this time for striking a deal of implementing Digital Assets including cryptocurrency in Bermuda. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has been quite busy lately as he has been going around the world and trying to expand the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency by meeting prominent leaders to discuss the benefit of the blockchain technology to their economy.
On his visit to Bermuda, Changpeng Zhao met the representatives of the Government of Bermuda including Premier David Burt, Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP regarding the implementation of Digital Assets including cryptocurrency in Bermuda. The news was announced on Twitter by Bermuda’s Premier and Minister of Finance, David Burt, “Welcomed Binance CEO CZ & Co-Founder @heyibinance to the Bermuda Cabinet Office to share the steps Bermuda is taking to become the jurisdiction of choice for the world of Digital Assets including cryptocurrency.”
Zhao who seems to be targeting smaller countries was asked about his travels. He stated that blockchain is for everyone and when one is doing something meaningful and that he had only that he met with three Head of states in the past 8 days.  Zhao states, “Small boat turn faster. Not all small countries, though. Small countries with great leaders, to be precise.”
Zhao’s actions have been greatly admired as he seems to be paving a way for mass adoption through his inclusion of smaller countries. Asides Bermuda, there are other countries banking the support of Binance. Recently, Uganda had a partnership with Binance to support its economic transformation. Malta is the next point of call as Binance is expanding to Malta. The company has already partnered with Changelly  to increase the liquidity of the firm. We are looking forward to the next move Binance is going to make.

Do you think cryptocurrency is the future of exchange or do you think Deutsche Bank would surpass that of Binance? Let’s hear what you think. 


Image credit: @Bermudapremier


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