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EmpowermeEOS Partners with to Empower Teens and Youths in Africa



History is filled with many gold rushes and stories of how countries and individuals became wealthy because they “struck gold”. game is based on these stories. It is an online real-time multiplayer economic strategy game built on EOS. In Prospectors, you basically play to mine gold or build tools or render services in order to earn gold/PGL tokens. The earnings from the game are real money and can be converted to cash. is partnering with EmpowermeEOS to empower young people in marginalized communities in Africa. The Prospectors organization will provide assistance in the form of in-game assets, which will enable students of the program to work and start businesses in the game to earn income. Earning the PGL token will also provide an ongoing source of passive income by means of a daily dividend reward paid to all PGL holders who “stake” their tokens. The team’s communication manager has provided mentoring and education to the students about the many opportunities the game provides.

EmpowermeEOS is a social enterprise that leverages on EOS Technology and Community to empower teens and youths. One of the ways EmpowermeEOS is doing this is by giving phones to youths in marginalized communities, helping them to earn EOS based tokens and mentoring them to become civic leaders and EOS ambassadors in their communities.

EmpowermeEOS is passionate about extending the boundaries of EOS to marginalized communities in Africa thereby facilitating the mass adoption of EOS. Onboarding new users to EOS is a benefit to the entire network. EOS is going to be a truly global community that supports financial inclusion and banks the unbanked.

The EmpowermeEOS program is designed in such a way that the students are mandated to give back to the EOS community by sponsoring one protegee after their time in the program with the same measure of education, mentorship or sponsorship that they have received. Doing so creates a ripple effect such that a single student-sponsored into the program can affect many lives. Each person only has to help one person by empowering them with education, mentorship or sponsoring their education. If everyone empowers just one person who then empowers another person, if we can keep up this circle, then this world would be changed significantly for the better.

EmpowermeEOS Students are recommended from various reputable organizations like Jumpstart Academy Click to find out more.

 In EOS there is going to be many opportunities for people to earn a living by using EOS based applications. EOS VC is investing over 500 Million Dollars into EOS based games. “Play to earn” is the new trend in the blockchain gaming industry. There is a lot of money in this industry and without a doubt, EOS based games are going to be a very potent source of income for gamers. As the EOS blockchain provides a more reliable infrastructure that gives gamers true ownership of their digital assets, a feeless platform where traders can conveniently trade their digital assets and the integrity and decentralized nature of blockchain technology, this new model of “play to earn” will quickly become not just only a trend but also a standard. will greatly benefit EmpowermeEOS as the community would be able to earn some income by playing the game. Beyond the ability to earn from the game, is a perfect educational tool for EmpowermeEOS students because it would teach them how money and cryptocurrency works, the basic principles of economics and commerce and basic accounting. During the course of the game, the students would learn to strategize, effectively manage resources, coordinate themselves and trade and cooperate with other players.

Click to learn more about EmpowermeEOS

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About the Author

Toju Kaka, is the Africa Community Manager for BOS and an EOS Nation Ambassador working to facilitate the adoption of EOS in Nigeria. His newest venture EmpowermeEOS is a social enterprise that is helping marginalized young people earn EOS based tokens.

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EOS Israel Leader Joins Proof of Location blockchain protocol



Platin, the leading Proof of Location blockchain protocol, announces the addition of EOS Israel Leader, Hernan Arber, to its team.

While both Arber and Platin’s founders are regulars on the Israeli startup scene, with Arber having graduated from Israel’s prestigious Institute of Technology — the Technion’s computer science department, and Platin’s team conducting research in the Technion’s networking and cryptanalysis labs, it was the Global EOS Hackathon in San Francisco that brought the team together.

Hernan became aware of Platin when news of how Platin’s co-founders Allon Mason and Dr. Lionel Wolberger showcased Platin’s technology and presented at the closing ceremony of the 2018 EOS Global Hackathon in San Francisco when Block. One’s investment in Platin via its EOS VC arm was publicly announced.

With Platin on its radar, Arber and Platin started strategizing on ways to further accelerate Platin’s integration into EOS, and a powerful collaboration was born.

Platin representatives at the EOS Global Hackathon in San Francisco

Platin representatives at the EOS Global Hackathon in San Francisco


Blockchains are about community and powerful consensus algorithms.


Arber has a proven skillset in both domains and a passion for everything EOS. A full stack programmer who has deployed mobile and cloud services, Hernan is also the heart and soul of the thriving community of EOS aficionados in Israel through EOS Israel (also see EOS Israel on Twitter).


Hernan is initially focused on shepherding the new Platin EOS token, PTNE, including reviewing Platin’s GEOS geospatial libraries on EOS as well as the Platin-on-EOS architecture to enable more use secure geospatial-based use cases on EOS.

About Platin

Platin is a secure Proof of Location protocol based on activity recorded and exchanged by means of ordinary smartphones or more specialized devices. Platin incentivizes nodes at scale by means of its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency ‘PTN’. The result is a secure location protocol that is ubiquitous, stackable, reliable, and suited for integration with any business based on location such as supply chain, money and location verifications, LBS-enabled commerce, token geofencing, KYC+AML, and more. Platin’s™union of secure location and cryptocurrency at the protocol level is disrupting industries across the world. Platin — Location is Everywhere™.

Join Platin™ on Telegram; Join Platin™ on Twitter.

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Blockchain News

Jaguar Land Rover To Reward Customers Using IOTA Cryptocurrency



Jaguar Land Rover To Reward Customers Using IOTA Cryptocurrency

Jaguar automobiles have ventured into the world of Blockchain Technology seeking ways to better reward their customers, while also collecting feedback data for product improvement.

The areas where blockchain technology can be applied is becoming increasingly alarming and at the same time interesting. It is gaining value in areas of our private life on a daily basis.

Who would have thought that a technology that came to us only as a means of substitute money as we previously called it, would now be considered for mainstream Adoption and Integration in all sectors of our economy from supply chains to economics, automotive and also investment fields?

All these industries are not lacking in ways to deploy and implement the use of blockchain in application development all for the sole purpose of improving existing systems.

In a publication released by the International Business Times, Jaguar Land Rover seems to be currently testing new software that allows users of the automobile to earn digital assets (cryptocurrency) whenever the users give feedback on the issue of the cars’ performance in particular places. in other words, users get rewarded for providing data.

In line with this development, IOTA seems to be the cryptocurrency with which the app will be built. The automobile giant believes that this strategy is perfect for obtaining real-live information, and this will, in turn, help them guide against avoidable mechanism-failures and prevent accident for users of the Jaguar automobile.

IOTA wants to enable interoperability with all these different players. So there is no Jaguar coin, no BMW coin, but one Universal Token for this machine economy.

-Dominik Schiener, IOTA Foundation Co-Founder and Co-Chairman.

Speaking further, Schiener said IOTA is designed to easily solve most of the inefficiencies facing other blockchains particularly because he believes IOTA operates on top the Distributed Ledger Tech (DLT) called Tangle which is expected to connect IoT with Web 3.0.

Blockchain adoption has left its speculative days for good and is being explored by many more companies that could have been imagined. he benefits of the blockchain technology are too numerous and attractive to be turned down. It offers customers a reward system that can, in turn, build and attract customer loyalty to a specific brand.

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Adoption News

Proposed Tron partnership with Liverpool In the Pipelines



Proposed Tron partnership with Liverpool in the Pipelines
Picture Credit: Today's Gazette

Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron who’s extremely active on Twitter, tweeted a video earlier in the week hinting at a proposed partnership with the famous English premier league football club, Liverpool though some people have dismissed the video as inconsequential and criticized Sun for deliberately misleading people with the announcement.

The tweeted short video shows a red envelope that reveals a screen with the Tron logo alongside Liverpool’s. Then the manager Jurgen Klopp shares the philosophy of the football club, implying that the club is inviting Tron to partner with the football club.

The caption attached to the video by Sun says “Thank you for the unique and innovative invitation, Liverpool! I am impressed and I’m looking forward to exploring this #TRON new partnership together!.”

But the nature of the partnership is unclear, and Sun didn’t include any specific details about it.

Dismissed as fake

In another tweet, Kraken’s CEO, Jesse Powell, responded with a screenshot of an email sent to him from “Liverpool” about a partnership. The fake email included a reference to a video package that was sent to him. Jesse dismissed it as a scam.

Decrypt Media also claimed it spoke with a representative of Liverpool Football Club who allegedly confirmed that the club does not intend to have a partnership with Tron.

Though Sun has often been accused of creating false excitement in investors to drive up the price of its coin by announcing several partnerships, the Tron organization has sealed some exciting collaborations and acquisition in the past.

Proposed Tron partnership with Liverpool in the Pipelines

Tron past partnerships/acquisition

Tron, a blockchain platform focused on building a decentralized web and infrastructure, started on the Ethereum blockchain but launched its main net on June 25, 2018. Since then the project has made bold moves even in the middle of the recent bear market.

The notable companies Tron partnered with in the first quarter of 2019 include Tether and CoinGate. In January, it announced that ABCC cryptocurrency exchange would be the first to list the tokens based on Tron’s TRC10 technical standard.

Last year, Tron partnered with Binance in a bid to facilitate blockchain adoption around the world. Tron’s CEO donated $3 million to Binance Charity Foundation to use the blockchain technology to help people in the least developed part of the world.

Tron had also acquired BitTorrent, the popular peer-to-peer file sharing service, and went on to have a successful Initial Exchange Offering recording $7.1M in less than 15 minutes in the first session of the sale.

There’s been some speculation about what form this partnership with Liverpool will take. Maybe Tron could build a decentralized live streaming service for Liverpool’s matches, a decentralized game or Liverpool could create its fan token on the Tron blockchain.

Some football clubs that have created a blockchain token in the past include the biggest club in the top division of France Paris Saint-Germain, Italian soccer club Juventus and one of Brazil’s oldest and biggest club Atletico Mineiro.

Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus had partnered with a blockchain platform to launch the Fan Token Offering, which allows fans to vote on decisions such as choosing the club’s jersey color, stadium music, and logo.


The Information provided on the website is designed to provide helpful information regarding cryptocurrency subjects. The content is not meant to be used, nor should it be used as a basis, foundational knowledge or prerequisite for decision making regards trading. Always do your own research and due diligence before placing a trade. We are not liable for any outcome based on any content found on the site.

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Adoption News

EU Blockchain Group Launches With SWIFT- Onboards Ripple




A number of reputable firms and organizations some of which are SWIFT, Ripple and IBM have joined forces with a new blockchain association to promote adoption of the technology across the EU.

The International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application (INATBA) is the new group and which is an initiative of the European Commission launched yesterday Wednesday 3 April 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

INATBA will operate as a “global, multi-stakeholder forum” particularly tasked at bringing together both developers and users of blockchain technology to promote mainstream adoption across multiple sectors.

Among its goals are to set up a framework to encourage public and private sector collaborations, dialogue with regulators and policymakers and “Legal predictability” as well as ensure “integrity and transparency” in blockchain infrastructures. the group is also tasked with developing guidelines and specifications for blockchain and distributed ledger-based applications.

Members of the groups include banks such as Barclays and BBVA, consultancy firm Accenture and French beauty product giant L’Oreal. Some number of Blockchain startups such as Ethereum development studio ConsenSys AG, crypto mining firm Bitfury, Enterprise blockchain firm R3, cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker Ledger and cryptocurrency protocol developer IOTA.

EU Blockchain Group Launches With SWIFT- Onboards Ripple

According to Carlos Kuchkovsky, the formation of the group had been long overdue. He also added that the association could have an important role to play in terms of developing blockchain best practices and standards and also avoiding fragmentation on a European level.

The launch of INATBA saw several European commission officials speak- including the Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society- Mariya Gabriel who was the keynote speaker. Also, the occasion featured panel sessions with discussions of topics like; “Blockchain Potentials”. Among other great news reaching us is the joint declaration of support from members from different blockchains.

It is only laudable to note that the European Commission had launched several initiatives to promote the adoption of blockchain technology. Just recently, it had constituted the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) with the support and backing of 22 other member countries to support the delivery of cross-border digital public services based around the Technology.

The Commission also set up the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, with ConsenSys as its member, in February.

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