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CryptoTVPlus Announces Campus Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour (Campus BCAT) 2019 – Press Release



CryptoTVPlus, a top blockchain and cryptocurrency media house from Nigeria is set to commence its educative based Campus Blockchain & Cryptocurrency awareness Tour across major Nigerian universities starting from the 7th of September 2019 in University of Ibadan.


Campus BCAT is a university-wide education program aiming to teach and expose tertiary education students on the facts and misconception of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Over the years as the decentralized ledger technology continues to garner attention from different parts of the world and Nigeria becoming a hotbed for daily bitcoin trading and several other innovative solutions being developed, it has become clear that Africa can only achieve astronomical heights and not the usual catch up it has always played with any technology revolution through proper understanding of what blockchain and its varied applications presents through education.


The train is expected to start off from Nigeria’s premier university, the University of Ibadan (UI) on the 7th of September, after which it leaves for Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The train is expected to touch at least five universities in Nigeria scattered across the geopolitical zones of the country.


Tony Emeka, the Co-founder, and CEO of CryptoTVPlus says;


“There are always meetups, conferences and others about blockchain which is good, but the enduring effects emanating from these events haven’t really been felt. This is exactly our motivation behind the Campus BCAT initiative as we are well aware of the strategic roles youths and millennials play in the adoption of any new technology, social media is an example

With BCAT Clubs establishment at every one of the schools we touch, the underlying structure to help with the growth and awareness of the blockchain technology in Nigeria is put in place.”Tony Emeka


With the publicity of the events already gathering steam, some of the interesting features to watch out for in Campus BCAT 2019 are;

Features of Campus BCAT 2019

  • Opportunities for students to meet and connect with startups using Blockchain technology
  • Showcasing partners products session
  • Panel Session
  • Exciting prizes in cryptocurrency to students 
  • Students learn about the digital currency evolution 
  • Talent Hunt Session
  • Campus BCAT Club Establishment

Victor Ugochukwu, COO of CryptoTVPlus who is also in charge of the planning and smooth publicity of Campus BCAT 2019 speaking on the proposed event said;


Africa is changing just like the rest of the world and I am particularly interested in seeing us play major roles at the center stage of disruptive technologies such as the blockchain. It is important that we adapt and reorganize our system to better fit into the more and effective knowledge-driven economies of the world. While we are educating our youths across campuses and giving them the opportunity to express their unique ideas around blockchain, we are also interested in making sure we remedy a deficiency in our system which is the lack of the availability of credible data. How many students in Nigeria are interested in blockchain? How many attended a blockchain/cryptocurrency event within the last quarter or even the previous years? How many have started building or even did their research project around blockchain technology? All these pertinent questions and more would be easily answered with the structure we would be establishing in these respective universities across Nigeria.”  


With initiatives like Campus BCAT, perhaps university and tertiary students as a whole would be better positioned on how to make lasting impacts on their societies with the myriad opportunities the blockchain technology affords its enthusiasts. 


UI Campus BCAT – 7th September 2019

OAU Campus BCAT – 14th September 2019

Other Schools – Kindly visit the Campus BCAT official website for details.  


To sponsor or become a partner of Campus BCAT in any university please visit

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Press Release

CampusBCAT2019 in OAU Surpasses any known Record of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Gathering in Africa



The recent CampusBCAT2019 event held in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University – OAU on the 2nd of November 2019, becomes the largest attendance in Blockchain and Crypto gathering in the whole of the African continent surpassing any known record of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency gathering in terms of attendance in the whole of Africa.

Campus Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour, more popular with the acronym Campus BCAT is an initiative of CryptoTVPlus the premiere Blockchain and Cryptocurrency focused media house from Africa announced barely two months back.

The movement has seen enthusiasts in the form of students, newbies, established crypto gurus, blockchain solutions architects, etc gladly identifying with the initiative and propagating sound education as regards the blockchain technology making it undoubtedly the fastest growing Blockchain & Crypto community in the whole of the African continent.

As past events were held at the University of Ibadan and even at the University of Port Harcourt, CampusBCAT2019 in Obafemi Awolowo University witnessed a quantum improvement from the previous events.

The event at OAU held at the most sought after Oduduwa Hall known for its characteristic ambiance and also the capacity in terms of its size. The morning of 2nd November saw excited students pouring in to register and take their already reserved seats as they registered online prior to the event date. Sponsors such as ABiT Crowd, CoinCola, Vorem Network, Huobi Nigeria, Crypto Masterclass, etc, had the spotlight on them as eager participants thronged their exhibition stands to know more about their improved product and service offerings.

Charles Okaformbah of Vessel Trust, Samuel Joseph of CoinCola, Senator Ihenyen of Infusion Lawyers, Louis Dike, Dominic Rume, Kaka Toritseju, Onome Iduh, Chukwuemeka Ezike, Chinedu Obidiegwu, Gaius Chibueze who is better known as “bitcoin chief” who connected all the way from Manchester in the UK were all among the speakers who educated the curious students present to learn about the revolutionary impact of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

With more than 3,900 participants attending the event not counting those who failed to register even both online and the event venue, sponsors and their team members, CampusBCAT2019 in OAU quickly surpasses attendance of the edition held at the University of Ibadan which recorded 1,356 persons in attendance or even Uniport which had a total of 4,228 persons in attendace entirely capturing everyone, participants, sponsors and their team members included.

Some of the students of the Obafemi Awolowo University had the rare opportunity of presenting their acts such as music or even talent hunt competition where winners were gifted prizes. ABiT Crowd, a Crowdfunding Real Estate company built on top of the blockchain was presented to the participants demonstrating the practical aspect of tokenization where large and immovable assets can be fractionally owned. ABiT Network also gave out a cash sum of One hundred thousand naira to 10 persons with each getting ten thousand naira each.

While the participants enjoyed every moment of the event, the usual crowning point of CampusBCAT saw the inauguration of BCAT Club, the legacy which CryptoTVPlus bequeath to any school where the Campus Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour is held.

A total of 30 students were inaugurated into BCAT Club and certificate of commendation issued to the members. Owolabi Jeremy Oluwasegun, a second-year law student of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) was inaugurated as the first BCAT Club President OAU Chapter.

Tony Emeka, Co-founder & CEO of CryptoTVPlus, Organizer Convener of Campus BCAT said

We are indeed excited to be here for this event. Obafemi Awolowo University holds a special place in our hearts. I am sure we all know that CampusBCAT2019 has gained global recognition already.

This is the third school we are visiting and holding this event in Nigeria. At every successive outing of CampusBCAT2019, it has been successfully improved upon in terms of traction across several metrics. From publicity to the attendance and support from both the student bodies and our esteemed partners, there has been a noticeable improvement.

The members of BCAT Club OAU chapter will be the very first school to be issued a certificate of commendation for exemplary planning and execution skills. So much more is in the offing and my advice to the students in Nigeria is to take this golden opportunity very seriously,

he concluded.

Also speaking at CampusBCAT2019 in OAU, the COO of CryptoTVPlus, Head, Publicity and Planning Campus BCAT, Victor Ugochukwu in his keynote address was quoted saying

This movement was born out of the desire to drive proper, targeted and result-oriented enlightenment to the younger generations who in a few years will define where we go as a nation and as a society.
We have been to the University of Ibadan and University of Port Harcourt where we saw warmth and were welcomed with a large number of attending students.

He went further saying;

While we are confident that the CampusBCAT movement has gained a lot of traction and popularity among not just tertiary education students but also the broader blockchain and crypto community we are not resting on our oars as we must keep pushing to ensure the adoption hurdle when it comes to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is brought low engendering easy access and participation either as a player or user.

CryptoTVPlus in partnership with EmpowerMeEOS a not-for-profit foundation founded by Toritseju Kaka handed out a free laptop as the star prize of the day to the winner of the Social Media Challenge which had the signature hashtag #CampusBCAT2019 trending across several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

With a scintillating outing, CampusBCAT2019 in OAU has received several commendations not only from industries in Africa but also in Europe, Asia, and North America.

CampusBCAT has set a standard, a trend, a template that the industry can use to drive cryptocurrency and blockchain education. We have never been so excited at the promises of the future.

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Press Release

CampusBCAT2019 in UNIBEN is Postponed



CampusBCAT2019 at the University of Benin planned for 6th November 2019 is postponed

CryptoTVPlus, the convener of the Campus BCAT movement regrets to announce that CampusBCAT2019 in UNIBEN planned for 6th November 2019 is postponed till further notice.

Over the past few months, the CampusBCAT Tech movement has been on, we have toured three Universities in Nigeria and established the lasting legacy of the CampusBCAT initiative, the BCAT Club in several institutions.

As the CampusBCAT team tours the country, we have met with great numbers of future leaders each showing marvelous signs of promise and great enthusiasm to get onboard the crypto industry.

It’s our joy that in every school, CampusBCAT has held, the turnout has been nothing short of above expectations both for the CampusBCAT Team and the attending students.

The movement as born out of the desire to spread awareness while equally giving sound education on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, the industry and how to help the younger generations position themselves in the industry of great promise, we boldly say our commitment has never waned.

The CampusBCAT train has been to the University of Ibadan where it had its maiden edition with over a thousand students in attendance. A feat none has been able to accomplish and exceed the space in Western Nigeria.

From there the movement went to the University of Port Harcourt where an even greater number of students were in attendance.

On the 2nd of November, 2019, the CampusBCAT train arrived at the great Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, Osun State. The event was grandstanding with almost a dozen speakers speaking on key educative topics that would help position the students in creating a career path in the crypto industry.

The event has always concluded with the BCAT Club’s inauguration.

Once again, after the OAU event, the CampusBCAT train was on its way to the old city of Benin, to commence preparation for CampusBCAT UNIBEN. It was upon arrival, a piece of shocking news came to the CampusBCAT team.

Owing to violence in the institution in the previous week that resorted to the death of some students, the school management had decided to put on hold all social activities in the school directly hampering the possibility of holding the CampusBCAT2019 event in Uniben.

CampusBCAT is a Campus educational movement, and holding it outside the school premises is not in line with the vision of the movement and also, the security of ‘those it matters most’ – the students, is of great importance to the CampusBCAT.

It is because of this development, that CampusBCAT2019 in UNIBEN has been postponed until further notice.

We deeply sympathize with the family of those who lost their children. May their souls rest in peace.

Details of the next event will be communicated soon.

Victor Ugochukwu
COO, CryptoTVPlus
Head, Publicity and Planning Campus BCAT

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Press Release

Introducing Zardicon Trading Platform



Trading Crypto currency has been the Trending Trade derivative in the digital space. Have you heard about Trading Digital Block Asset known as Zardicon Blocks?

There is some thing new in the digital space called “Trading Digital Blocks”. Imagine trading digital blocks powered by Blockchain Technology! This is new indeed and I am very sure you want to know more about this platform. Hop on board, let’s cruise together.

What is Zardicon Trade?

Zardicon trade is a unique trading platform powered by blockchain technology. All transactions on the platform is solely based on peer to peer block distribution and purchase.

Zardicon blockchain is resistant to modification of data, because it is “an open, distributed ledger” that record transactions between two parties efficiently in a verifiable and permanent way.
The basic strategy that controls all Block Asset Trade on Zardicon is the common interest of every trader on the platform. Here, every trader trades to earn a decentralized interest of 5% per block transaction.

Zardicon block asset price accumulates per transaction made on the block at any given time. On this platform, each trader gains 5% on every block sold.

NB: Zardicon trade is not CFD (Content For Difference) trade system, Pyramid Trade or Crypto Currency Mining investment. It is a digital platform where you purchase mined Block Asset. The system Auto-trades your block asset within 0 second to 72 hours (this means your asset can be sold anytime within this time frame) then returns back your Trade Asset with interest of 5%.

Trade Protection

Zardicon trade platform strategy is intelligently fortified in way that traders do not lose Trade Funds. Traders make 5% profit for every transaction and can terminate trade and withdraw funds at any time.

To trade successfully on Zardicon, you must read and understand how Zardicon Trade works.

Brief Insight

All trades on Zardicon are automatic. This means that when a trader buys Block Assets, Zardicon Trade System automatically sells the block and returns traders capital with 5% profits to the individual trader.

Zardicon blocks cannot be stored.
No outside trading of Zardicon blocks, no referrals and no transfer or block exchange is done between traders.
All traders identity remain anonymous and are represented with a hash code.
Zardicon Prime_bot recognizes trader hash and records all transactions executed by traders in Zardicon Ledger.

Zardicon is powered by Zardicon Trade LTD. A company committed to the use and application of Blockchain Technology to invent the First Digital Block Trading platform in the world. This is the first application in the world applying blockchain to trade digital blocks. The platform algorithm ensures that her traders do not lose money.

Zardicon Goal

Zardicon wishes to educate Africans on the application and implementation of practical use case of Blockchain Technology in trading digital blocks from the comfort of your homes. As long as you have a smart phone and internet, you can trade Zardicon blocks on Zardicon platform and make sustainable profit to solve your daily challenges.

Zardicon is committed to uplift the per capital income of African citizens who understand Zardicon Trading.

Zardicon wishes to achieve 125,000 traders on her platform within the next 90 days. This is her pre-launch goal , which started on October 23rd 2019 and will run through January 23rd 2020.

Zardicon’s official launch in Nigeria is scheduled to hold on 25th January 2020. To climax her pre- lunch 90 days pioneer traders activation, Zardicon has set out a reward plan for her pioneer traders called Pioneer Reward. This reward is valued for 10,000,000 naira to be given to her top 20 pioneer traders in Zardicon within the 90 days Pre-lunch campaign. Details are found at under pioneer rewards ( terms and condition apply).

This reward is broken down from 1st position to 20th position, it covers a. Car cash bonus b. Travel cash bonus c. Apple mac book cash bonus d. Cash consolation prizes d. BMCT coin bonus .

Be among the first top 20 traders within the next 90 days and aspire to be among the top 20 Zardicon pioneer traders.

You want to learn more about Zardicon Trading? Look no further, Zardicon is currently holding training every Wednesday and Friday from 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm at No 16 Yinusa Adenji Street off Muslim Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.

“Trade Zardicon blocks and gain 5% on every block sold”.
With Zardicon Trade platform, you buy we sell.

Zardicon Trade Bonus

Zardicon Trade has officially implemented BMCT blockchain to offer trade token bonus in BMCT coin. This is another African application of BMCT blockchain to reward customers with consumer loyalty coins. As you trade Zardicon Blocks, you enjoy token bonuses in BMCT coins.

BMCT blockchain is a project powered by Beepmagnet Group, built around 11 used cases to support Consumer Loyalty on the blockchain which is currently trading at BITfxt exchange, with her wallet application on google play and iOS store. Application name : BMCToken .

Don’t be left out in the innovation, join Zardicon pioneer traders movement by following Zardicon across on social media.

Attend at least one Zardicon Training to know more about this innovations. Register on Zardicon and study the Zardicon white paper.

Zardicon team looks forward to unveiling other aspects of this project at her official launch on the 23rd of January 2020.

Together, we will get there. See you at the top!

Note: The content of this article doesn’t convene any investment intention of CryptoTvPlus. Any issue that may arise from any activity as a result of the use of this content bears no liability upon CryptoTVPlus.

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Press Release

CampusBCAT2019 Train Moves to OAU after a Spectacular Uniport Event



CampusBCAT a blockchain and digital currency educational initiative by CryptoTVPlus, aimed at educating African students starting with Nigeria but with a continental focus moves to OAU after a successful Uniport event.

The City of Port Harcourt alongside its biggest university – Uniport was historically hashed into the digital currency movement as it experienced its own CampusBCAT2019 event on the 24th of September barely two weeks history was made in UI, Ibadan.

The University of Port Harcourt and its students had the opportunity of hosting the tech educational event which has been garnering traction across the country as the biggest cryptocurrency community not just in universities but also in Nigeria. With membership across more than 8 universities already, Uniport’s event saw enthusiasts trooping in from neighboring schools in Rivers and Bayelsa States.

UNIPORT Students trooping to sign into the venue

Student in thousands listening to blockchain and cryptocurrency education at CampusBCAT2019 Uniport

Big projects within the Nigerian blockchain ecosystem were equally present to facilitate the educational sessions of the program. 

The likes of Beepmagnet Group International, makers of Sisibox was present to lecture on How the Blockchain Technology is Redefining Consumer Loyalty Globally and also showcase their state of the art product to the students who were excited to see giant strides being taken by an indigenous firm such as Beepmagnet International. 

The founder of Crypto Masterclass, one of Nigeria’s finest crypto educational platforms, Tola Fadugbe was also present to teach the hungry delegates at the event on Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment

Panel Session on the topic “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities.

As a major stakeholder in the growing blockchain and crypto business in Nigeria, the founder of Ci Crypto solutions and CEO of Naijacrypto digital assets exchange, Chiagozie Iwu was available to share from his wealth of invaluable knowledge on The importance of Blockchain Education in Nigerian Universities

Several other projects such as Bitfxt Technologies, Farmchain, D-Online Harvest were around to facilitate while equally showcasing their products/service to the audience at the event. 

It wasn’t all just lecturing as the students went home with exciting prizes such as smartphone, T-shirts, cash prizes, crypto giveaway, free investment mentorship sessions to select students, Sisibox pads and so much more. This was all made possible by the partners of CampusBCAT2019.

A UNIPORT Student who won a Sisibox Pad for giving the correct answer to a question

A UNIPORT Student who won a mobile phone by participating in the social media challenge

And just like the event at Ibadan, the crowning point was the inauguration of the students officially into BCAT Club Uniport Chapter. The legacy of Campus BCAT is the perpetuating impact of the blockchain technology by making sure the buzz about the pervasive impact of the revolutionary blockchain technology doesn’t continue to live in the realms of hype. 

Inauguration of the BCAT Club Chapter in UNIPORT

Students through the BCAT Clubs in their respective campuses are afforded the opportunities to continue the learning process through active facilitation of classes and workshops while also carrying the torch of innovation through the application of what they have learned in their schools such as conducting Departmental, Faculty or Student Union Government elections on the open and transparent ledger of the blockchain. 

And since we are in the era of asset tokenization, through the BCAT Clubs, several regulatory concerns that exist will be exposed to the students through the experts that will come visiting as either lecturers or Club facilitators. This is surely a breath of fresh air to Nigerian students that is set to spread across all of Africa.  

With a characteristic spectacular outing at University of Port Harcourt, CryptoTVPlus the national convener of the CampusBCAT movement announces plans to host the event at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) on the 2nd of November 2019. The month of November is actually super-packed with #CampusBCAT2019, while OAU’s event is slated for 2nd, University of Benin and Covenant University is scheduled to take place on the 9th and 15th November respectively.

For sponsorship and advert placement, please contact us via email

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