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SiBAN, Nigeria's Blockchain Association, Launches Free Membership Campaign



SIban is sanitizing the blockchain and Cryptocurrency Space in Nigeria

As part of its efforts to sanitize the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space in Nigeria, SiBAN (Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria) is inviting every stakeholder and player in the space to register as a member of the Blockchain association. To encourage as many Nigerians as possible, SiBAN membership is currently free. This was contained in a public notice released by Emmanuel Babalola, SiBAN Secretary and Co-Founder, Crypton.
Blockchain is Africa’s chance to transform the continent in a decentralised economy. SiBAN is committed to leading this transformation in Nigeria, powered by the engine of active, engaged, and functional membership. This is why SiBAN has introduced its membership campaign which is currently free to individual players in the space, says Paul Ezeafulukwe, SiBAN President and Founder BLOKgrup, who is presently in Port Harcourt for SiBAN’s Blockchain Education Train, Port Harcourt Meet-up.
SiBAN membership will not remain free. In the future, free membership is expected to be reviewed. So we encourage everyone to get on board the free Blockchain train before it leaves the station, pointed out the Vice Chairman (Membership & Strategic Partnerships), Jude Ozinegbe.
This open-membership campaign is a response to a good number of requests SiBAN has received in the recent past.
Blockchain and cryptocurrency developers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, experts, founders, Over the Counter (OTC) merchants, and other individual players in every aspect of the Blockchain technology are welcomed by SiBAN. SiBAN membership is also open to professionals with interest in Blockchain application across various industries, including agriculture, banking, finance, health, law, sports, etc.
To be a part of something not only big but impactful, a platform for Blockchain advocacy, collaboration, education, funding, and essentially self-regulation amongst players in the space, all active players in the Blockchain space in Nigeria are invited.
SiBAN is the Blockchain association for Africa’s largest economy and biggest black population in the world. Community-driven, SiBAN’s vision is to “transform Nigeria into the world’s safest and biggest blockchain space with the largest blockchain solutions, investments, and adoption”.
To become a member of Nigeria’s Blockchain association, register here:

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