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We have worked tirelessly to make this a reality due to our firm belief that blockchain will be a generation-defining technology for making the world a more transparent, efficient and fairer place and we would like everyone to benefit from its immense potential.
As such, we have created the Plus Academy to help everyone develop an understanding of this revolutionary technology. We want our academy to be able to offer something for everyone, whether you are:
A complete beginner with no knowledge about blockchain whatsoever.
New to blockchain but with a slight understanding of what it does and how it works.
An aspiring cryptocurrency trader.
A developer looking to develop a blockchain applications
An entrepreneur with ambitions of running an ICO.
Considering implementing blockchain in your business.
We believe it is the very least that we can do to reduce the barriers to entry into the blockchain, we are saying thank you to our amazing community for their unwavering support, from the day we lunch till today.

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