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CampusBCAT2019 in University of Ibadan: The Largest Ever Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Event in Southwest Nigeria




CampusBCAT2019 which was held on the 7th of September 2019, at the prestigious University of Ibadan organized by CryptoTVPlus, the topmost Blockchain and Cryptocurrency media platform from Africa has officially set a new record as the most attended event in the southwestern part of Nigeria bothering around the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
The maiden edition of an educational and advocacy movement about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency across Nigerian campuses held at the University of Ibadan, the premier university of Nigeria on the 7th of September where it saw myriads of blockchain enthusiasts trooping in from several parts of the country to participate in the kick-off of the much-awaited Tour expected to happen in at least five different but strategic Nigerian Universities across the nation.
As it was announced during a recent press release by CryptoTVPlus, CampusBCAT2019 seeks to launch Nigerian students into the already galloping fourth industrial revolution where the typical Nigerian student is not just a spectator but actively participating in the ongoing revolution either as an advocate or one who builds around the technology.
With a seeming disconnect between the youths in Nigeria and amazing founders both at home and in diaspora leveraging blockchain technology to offer innovative solutions that has noticeable impact on Nigerians, CampusBCAT2019 was born out of the need to bridge that gap.
The event was graced by reputable speakers such as Chinedu Obidiegwu, Marketing and Community Lead for Luno, Franklin Peters, Founder & CEO of Bitfxt Technologies and Tola Fadugbe, Founder of Crypto Masterclass who spoke on their respective topics where they educated the participants through the invaluable wealth of experience.
Gud Talent Igwe, CEO of Sumo Bank was also present as a speaker, Opakunle Omotayo, Africa Ambassador for Bitcore X, Toritseju Kaka, Founder of EmpowermEOS and Community Manager BOSCore, Chiagozie Iwu of Naijacrypto, Ophi Rume, better known as Cryptopreacher and Emmanuel Babalola, Secretary General of Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria, SiBAN equally had their chances of educating the keenly interested participants.

A Group Photo of the Guest Speakers

Students and other enthusiasts who were live at the event had the opportunity to network, participate in Q & A sessions and panel session where they engaged the guest speakers with burning questions that needed answers.

One of the Guest Speaker Educating the Students On Crypto

A UI student asking a question on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

With a total event ticket of two thousands maxed out by participants who pre-registered for the event, the red carpet and event venue at the University of Ibadan was thronged by those who seek to gain entry and secure their seats in the hall.
The atmosphere on the event date was supercharged, students and participants had opportunities to win prizes such as free data top-up as given out by Franklin Peters, the CEO of Bitfxt demonstrating the practical use case of his newly launched BoundlessPay platform. Other prizes included free T-shirts, a laptop bag from Luno and also a star prize of a brand new smartphone awarded to a random winner by EmpowermEOS Foundation.

Winner of brand new Smart Phone awarded by EmpowermEOS Foundation

Naijacrypto also did an amazing giveaway program where it asked any participant to retweet using the signature hashtag of the program – #CampusBCAT2019 while also tagging its Twitter handle. The requirement was to get up to a thousand retweet within the shortest possible time for the winner to go home with one hundred and fifty dollars ($150).
This initially seemed difficult but was quickly achieved by the winner who rode on the already trending #CampusBCAT2019 across several social media networks to hit the mark.
The crowning point of the event was the inauguration of the very first BCAT Club at the University of Ibadan with its Caretaker Executive Committee announced.
The BCAT Club which is expected to be the legacy for any CampusBCAT event held in any of the Nigerian schools was established in UI while the portal for interested students of the universities was also opened for registration.

A Group photograph of some of the student attendees and organizers of CampusBCAT2019 UI

Tony Emeka, the Co-founder and CEO of CryptoTVPlus, the organizing convener of the CampusBCAT movement speaking on the event said:
“We are happy at what we see happening today. It is no longer a small dream but a national vision where our students are not told what is happening around pervasive technology such as the blockchain. A lot of the problems we see today in Nigeria can be solved using the blockchain technology and our Nigerian students must be ready to take the bull by the horns.”
“Enough of the wait on the government to start doing things right in our country Nigeria. As students who run departmental, faculty and SUG elections, you can actually demonstrate to the political class that the right thing is possible by conducting your leadership selection process using the blockchain because of its transparent and permanent nature. You can also create a departmental or faculty token which you can use for various important activities within the school. With this, we are sure a nascent technology such as the blockchain will no longer play a back-burner role but employed for greater societal gains” he said.

Co-founder & CEO, CryptoTVPlus and Organizing Convener CampusBCAT, Tony Emeka addressing attendees.

The BCAT Club established at the University of Ibadan as a result of CampusBCAT2019 event held there also exposed to the students to several other opportunities members stand to enjoy.
Victor Ugochukwu, the Chief Operations Officer at CryptoTVPlus who is also in charge of the planning and publicity of CampusBCAT2019 speaking at the inauguration of the BCAT Club UI Chapter said:
“This is the dawn of a new era for Nigerian students. I am a strong believer in the Nigerian dream and how uncannily talented Nigerian students can be if given the right environment and resources to explore. BCAT Club will offer our students the opportunity to interface with organizations building a project or two using the blockchain technology. From recruiting bright minds to offering internship positions or even leveraging the students interests in the blockchain technology to help push for the testing and adoption of their product solutions. While there are nonprofit merits such as conducting SUG elections and the likes on the blockchain as pushed forward by the university chapter of the BCAT Club, students can also reap invaluable monetizable benefits just by being a member of the club.
He continued by saying
“It is high time our successful Nigerian entrepreneurs who have carved out a niche for themselves on blockchain and cryptocurrencies started lecturing our students. Through BCAT Clubs scattered across each tertiary institution in the country, project leads and founders can come around to teach as visiting lecturers, sharing firsthand, invaluable knowledge to the students. This is one of the strides we hope to achieve, institutionalizing blockchain related courses in universities where project founders and leads teach these courses.”

Right to Left: Co-founder and CEO, CryptoTVPlus and Organizing Convener CampusBCAT and Victor Ugochukwu COO, CryptoTVPlus, Head of Publicity and Planning CampusBCAT2019 addressing attendees.

With the euphoria of the event still enveloping the city of Ibadan, the CampusBCAT2019 train is already at full speed on its way to the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State in Nigeria on the 24th of September. With anticipation building, CampusBCAT2019 in Uniport promises to be even bigger and hotter than what was experienced in UI.
CampusBCAT is expected to take place in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), University of Benin (Uniben) and Covenant University.

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Press Release

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour #BCAT2020 Comes to an End



The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour – #BCAT2020 has come to an end today day, October 20th,  2020.

The BCAT Program is the educational arm of CryptoTvplus and over the past 14 months has spread awareness on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the country even with foreigners joining to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and how they can plug into the revolution sweeping the world. 

The #BCAT2020 commenced on the 11th of August, 2020 with over 1500 registered participants across the country and grew even more to 2000+ participants. With seasoned and experienced facilitators sharing their deep knowledge and experiences and helping to expose the participants to blockchain and cryptocurrency, we’ve been able to receive and document testimonies numbering over a hundred. 

The 2020 Edition of BCAT held online on our Telegram Community and also via a Live show broadcasted across our social media platforms. The testimonies continue to warm our hearts. However, we must come to the end of this edition which was scheduled to terminate on the 26th of November, 2020.

What Next? 

As part of our mission in bringing cryptocurrency awareness to millions of people across Africa, BCAT will be restructured or reorganized to sharpen its focus and achieve even yet unprecedented successes. This will done via:

  1. As the nation opens up to more economic activities such that academic institutions are reopened, the Campus BCAT team will continue to visit academic institutions, bringing the awareness to millions of students across the country and the continent.
  1. While the Campus BCAT team will move from school to school just like in 2019, there will be the BCAT Miniseries which will hold once in a while with key focus on important and defining issues in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry. 

Speaking on the development, CEO of CryptoTvplus, Tony Emeka said:

The desire to see millions of people learn and understand how the blockchain and cryptocurrency world has continued to be our driving force. We’re not deterred in our commitment however, it’s imperative we restrategize and push on again but with broader goals and greater impact. The next phases of BCAT will be defining. We enjoin everyone to be expectant. The launch of our BCAT Miniseries will no doubt help to push our education mission”

For every of our facilitators: Miracle Nwokwu, Joseph Tola, Dotun Awosika, Marvelous Akpere, Henry Lucky, Emeka Ezike and Nathaniel Luz, we and on behalf of all participants of #BCAT2020 appreciate you deeply for your experiences, knowledge and hidden truth shared on this year’s edition of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour – BCAT2020.

We also appreciate the efforts of our volunteers, spreading the word and getting people to participate and learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. 

To all participants of BCAT2020, we say thank you and wish you all the best as we all journey on in the most disruptive of industries. 

About BCAT

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour is an educational program by CryptoTvplus to spread awareness on blockchain and cryptocurrency across Nigeria and Africa. It started with its maiden edition in the University of Ibadan in 2019 after which it went across Nigeria to other institutions such as University of Port Harcourt, Obafemi Awolowo University and Covenant University and reached out to up-to 10,000 people. In 2020, owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it held online saw the up-to 2000 registered attendees.

Join our telegram Community 

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Press Release

Aurus Disrupts the Gold Industry – Today Its Ecosystem Lists at a Value of $75m



aurus gold


With the US dollar facing headwinds, notably the coronavirus pandemic and an upcoming presidential election that could be among the most contentious in recent memory, gold has taken over as the preferred store of value for many investors. The price of the yellow metal has soared by more than 30% this year and recently surpassed an all-time high of $2,000 an ounce, as investors once again responded to market volatility by turning to the most trusted and longest-serving safe haven asset.

Accessibility, however, continues to be a problem for gold as an asset class. Adding gold to a portfolio presents well documented logistical challenges, primarily the cost of storage and difficulty of transfer, which can discourage or exclude investors.

Various blockchain-backed projects have attempted to address these obstacles, but many have failed due to their reliance on a centralized process which involved the issuer minting tokens on their own platform. This model created a single point of failure risk because users had to trust the issuer to hold the correct quantity of underlying gold. 

In 2017, Aurus Technologies identified the need for a decentralized solution to this problem. The firm subsequently developed an open-ended blockchain platform which allows various stakeholders in the gold industry to independently mint their own gold-backed tokens, known as AurusGOLD (AWG). Each AWG token is redeemable for one gram of 99.99% gold sourced from LBMA-accredited refineries, held in independent vaults around the world. Direct Bullion was the first broker to participate in the Aurus ecosystem, tokenizing five kilograms in late 2019.

In addition to making ownership of gold more accessible, AWG also functions as a viable currency through the use of the firm’s newly launched AurusGOLD Card. It meets the three core criteria of a currency – the tokens allow it to be used as a medium of exchange, and it benefits from gold’s function as a store of value and unit of account. An inflation-hedged currency could prove valuable in the coming months and years following the unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus launched to offset the economic impact of the pandemic.

The ecosystem’s revenue-sharing model encourages gold providers and vaults to mint AurusGOLD tokens, as they earn an equal share of 30% of the revenues generated from the usage of AWG, through its transaction and storage fees. The other 70% of generated revenue is distributed to holders of a secondary token called AurusCOIN (AWX) which presents a unique investment opportunity in the entire Aurus ecosystem.

The Aurus team has a strong track record in the blockchain, commodities and financial sectors. Managing Director Guido van Stijn has held senior positions in commodity brokerages, he sits on the board of a major Latin American NGO and has advised Dutch banks and pension funds about leveraging blockchain technology. The firm has also carefully recruited highly experienced non-executive directors, including a former board member of a regulated gold trader, a former director of the UK’s biggest gold refinery and a former CEO of SPDR Gold Shares, provider of the world’s largest gold ETF. You can read more about them here.

Investing in the Aurus ecosystem

Returning to the investment opportunity – AurusCOIN (AWX) gives investors a stake in the Aurus ecosystem by delivering a regular revenue stream paid in AWG. Thereby making it one of the first instruments to generate a dividend for gold investors. From the total supply of thirty million AWX tokens, Aurus is now offering institutional and sophisticated investors access to a maximum of five million AWX in an effort to raise $12,500,000. The first tranche of one million AWX is already on sale at a price of $2.50 per token. 

Aurus will use the funds to develop and expand the ecosystem. The primary goal is to boost AWG’s market capitalization to $10 million and daily traded volume to $300,000 by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The firm also plans to add more gold providers and vaulting partners to further increase the decentralization of the Aurus ecosystem, as well as introducing new distribution channels and other commodity backed tokens.

Aurus is playing a critical role in the democratization of the gold market. AurusGOLD (AWG) gives holders the chance to trade as little as a few cents worth of the precious yellow metal, and it functions as a sustainable and globally viable currency. Investing in AurusCOIN (AWX) not only supports the launch of this new product in one of the world’s oldest industries, but it also provides valuable portfolio diversification and a passive revenue stream in the form of gold delivered by an innovative asset class. 

For a copy of the Investor Brochure, click here.

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Press Release

PLAAS Appoints Emmanuel Adams As The New CEO

PLAAS Farmers’ Chain, a Botswana based agri-tech blockchain technology company announced onboarding Emmanuel Adams as its new CEO along with launch of its new DeFI project pFARM governance platform.



PLAAS Farmers’ Chain, a leading agricultural tech blockchain company based in Africa, announced appointing Emmanuel Adams as the new Chief Executive Officer effective September 2020.  Emmanuel Adams succeeds the founder and the current CEO Alakanani Itireleng as she relinquishes her present role to continue focusing on Bitcoin development in the region.  

PLAAS also announced launching a state of the art DeFi project pFARM, which brings in an efficient governance platform that the various pFARM stakeholders and the PLAAS locked holders can use to vote on the proposals PLAAS platform. pFARM helps in streamlining the farming processes offering a high level of operational efficiency across the channels. 

Emmanuel Adams, The New CEO Is An Industry Stalwart

Emmanuel Adams is a highly acclaimed and well-acknowledged name in agritech Blockchain, wherein he has played a pivotal role in consulting and mentoring several startups in the region. His extensive industry experience and 

He joined PLAAS farmers’ Chain in November 2018 as the Strategic Advisor and has since then served the company in several roles. Most recently, he held the position of Head of Partnerships and Integrations before rising to the role of CEO. Before joining PLAAS, he has worked with numerous startups and companies in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He is also the founder and president of AfroDex Labs, a leading blockchain company in AFRICA.  Based out in Nigeria, he is an ardent fan of technology, Blockchain, entrepreneurship and writing. Emmanuel Adams has coached several startups and serves as an advisor at the Refine Medium; he has also been part of the Lead Advisory Board for the

The New CEO Thanked God For The Opportunity

He took to his LinkedIn account to thank God for giving him the opportunity to serve as the CEO of Africa’s most prominent agriculture technology blockchain firm. Further, he asked his contacts to share the ideas and what they expect from the firm in the future.

New DeFi Project pFARM for Higher Efficiency

The Decentralized Financing platforms help create a more accessible and permissionless system in which every stakeholder can easily interact with the system without the need for any middleman or agencies. PLAAS brings in the DeFi project pFarm, which creates a powerful and power platform for the agri-tech and boosts its significance in the market.

New Chapter for PLAAS

With the incoming CEO having extensive experience in the field and introduction of a new DeFI pFARM platform the company is aiming to diversify and expand its reach in the agritech.  

About PLAAS,, A Front Runner In Blockchain in Agritech

PLAAS is Botswana, Africa based startup in the agriculture technology prudently developed the first of its kind blockchain-backed platform which helps the farmers across the continent to manage their farming operations and streamlines its processes efficiently. With its state of the art solution, PLAAS enables the farmers and the various co-operative agencies to easily manage and control their productions and stocks on a new age blockchain system.  

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