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Bitfxt, Africa’s leading cryptocurrency exchange has released new features.

The exchange which is now live, incorporates features which enable users make transactions at top speed, spend their cryptocurrency effortlessly, enjoy maximum security on their investments and get mouth watering rewards. Some of these features include:

  • The boundlesspay prepaid card which is directly linked to users’ accounts, 
  • A smart drop feature which allows users earn monthly rewards in the form of various cryptocurrencies, for staking their coins.
  • A voting function which helps users vote for their favorite coins to be listed on the exchange.
  • An IEO feature through which new projects are vetted to en able users have access to new cryptocurrencies  which will be listed and at lower prices.
  • A chat feature which fosters communication amongst users.
  • A referral program which helps users earn amazing rewards when they bring new people on board.

And lots more.

“Bitfxt is a masterpiece that was created out of the desire to make the blockchain system easily accessible by the African populace. We have put in a lot of work to ensure that we deploy state of the art features that will make it easy for people to have an enjoyable trading experience” said Franklin Peters, Ceo Bitfxt.

In order to give back to the community, Bitfxt has launched an Initial Exchange Offering for the Boundlesspay Coin (BXTC),  on two platforms: and The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will be run for 30 days  and about three million coins will be available to the general public at a premium for that duration of time. At the end of the IEO, trading will begin for Bxtc on Shortex exchange, Bitfxt exchange and other exchanges to be announced soon.

“The significance of this coin is that it is a utility token that can be used globally. It can be used to pay for services such as utility bills, mobile top -up, data subscription, as well as flight and hotel bookings.These payments can be made at a discount at our platform, -which is one of the innovations created by Bitfxt. ” Franklin Peters added.

As evidenced by an impressive track record of providing solutions which truly work and are used by thousands of people round the globe, Bitfxt is constantly striving for excellence. The boundlesspay pay prepaid card enables users to spend their cryptocurrency in a seamless manner and the entire ecosystem is centered around facilitating cryptocurrency adoption all over the world. Also, a dedicated team of experts is working relentlessly to ensure that users have a pleasant experience while using the platform and do not experience any hitches.

Bitfxt is currently running bounties on twitter and Instagram respectively. Interested participants can join in by getting their friends to follow @bitfxt, like posts and mention their names in the comments sections. The person with the highest number of invited followers wins.

About Bitfxt:

Bitxt is one of the best digital currency companies in the world. with a team of over 60 technology and finance experts, operating across several countries and continents. Our products and services make it safe and easy for people and businesses to store, buy, use and learn about digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our vision is to empower billions of people by bringing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to everyone, everywhere.

Register today at

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Press Release

CampusBCAT2019 Train Moves to OAU after a Spectacular Uniport Event



CampusBCAT a blockchain and digital currency educational initiative by CryptoTVPlus, aimed at educating African students starting with Nigeria but with a continental focus moves to OAU after a successful Uniport event.

The City of Port Harcourt alongside its biggest university – Uniport was historically hashed into the digital currency movement as it experienced its own CampusBCAT2019 event on the 24th of September barely two weeks history was made in UI, Ibadan.

The University of Port Harcourt and its students had the opportunity of hosting the tech educational event which has been garnering traction across the country as the biggest cryptocurrency community not just in universities but also in Nigeria. With membership across more than 8 universities already, Uniport’s event saw enthusiasts trooping in from neighboring schools in Rivers and Bayelsa States.

UNIPORT Students trooping to sign into the venue

Student in thousands listening to blockchain and cryptocurrency education at CampusBCAT2019 Uniport

Big projects within the Nigerian blockchain ecosystem were equally present to facilitate the educational sessions of the program. 

The likes of Beepmagnet Group International, makers of Sisibox was present to lecture on How the Blockchain Technology is Redefining Consumer Loyalty Globally and also showcase their state of the art product to the students who were excited to see giant strides being taken by an indigenous firm such as Beepmagnet International. 

The founder of Crypto Masterclass, one of Nigeria’s finest crypto educational platforms, Tola Fadugbe was also present to teach the hungry delegates at the event on Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment

Panel Session on the topic “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities.

As a major stakeholder in the growing blockchain and crypto business in Nigeria, the founder of Ci Crypto solutions and CEO of Naijacrypto digital assets exchange, Chiagozie Iwu was available to share from his wealth of invaluable knowledge on The importance of Blockchain Education in Nigerian Universities

Several other projects such as Bitfxt Technologies, Farmchain, D-Online Harvest were around to facilitate while equally showcasing their products/service to the audience at the event. 

It wasn’t all just lecturing as the students went home with exciting prizes such as smartphone, T-shirts, cash prizes, crypto giveaway, free investment mentorship sessions to select students, Sisibox pads and so much more. This was all made possible by the partners of CampusBCAT2019.

A UNIPORT Student who won a Sisibox Pad for giving the correct answer to a question

A UNIPORT Student who won a mobile phone by participating in the social media challenge

And just like the event at Ibadan, the crowning point was the inauguration of the students officially into BCAT Club Uniport Chapter. The legacy of Campus BCAT is the perpetuating impact of the blockchain technology by making sure the buzz about the pervasive impact of the revolutionary blockchain technology doesn’t continue to live in the realms of hype. 

Inauguration of the BCAT Club Chapter in UNIPORT

Students through the BCAT Clubs in their respective campuses are afforded the opportunities to continue the learning process through active facilitation of classes and workshops while also carrying the torch of innovation through the application of what they have learned in their schools such as conducting Departmental, Faculty or Student Union Government elections on the open and transparent ledger of the blockchain. 

And since we are in the era of asset tokenization, through the BCAT Clubs, several regulatory concerns that exist will be exposed to the students through the experts that will come visiting as either lecturers or Club facilitators. This is surely a breath of fresh air to Nigerian students that is set to spread across all of Africa.  

With a characteristic spectacular outing at University of Port Harcourt, CryptoTVPlus the national convener of the CampusBCAT movement announces plans to host the event at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) on the 2nd of November 2019. The month of November is actually super-packed with #CampusBCAT2019, while OAU’s event is slated for 2nd, University of Benin and Covenant University is scheduled to take place on the 9th and 15th November respectively.

For sponsorship and advert placement, please contact us via email

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FEATURED Launches the First Ever Cryptocurrency trading competition module in Nigeria



Naijacrypto a cryptocurrency exchange launches its first ever crypto trading competition module for both beginner and expert traders

Naijacrypto, in its vision to create outstanding solutions for cryptocurrency traders, is excited to announce the launch of its trading competition module in Nigeria.

Naijacrypto is a highly secure peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. It owns both web and app-based platforms that enables users to conduct trades of some major cryptocurrencies in the market.

This module allows both experienced, upcoming and beginner traders to trade various cryptocurrencies using virtual money and win prizes for good performances.

In this competition:

  • A trader can trade up to 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero.
  • Trading is with Demo money but the prizes are real!
  • There is a live feed given for every crypto currency the trader wishes to trade
  • Traders can view a leaderboard and see where they stand in the competition
  • Traders can test their trading skills without pressure of using real money.
  • Any trader can pick a competition that suits them.
  • Competitions run daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.
    Chat box available so competitors can chat and learn among themselves

All rewards are paid into your Naijacrypto account. Account holders will be able to claim their prizes directly to their wallet once competition is over.

Naijacrypto believes that this competition module is an opportunity for those trying to learn cryptocurrency trading to involve themselves in trade scenarios without the pressure of using real money. The interaction between beginner traders and pros can make the action of pros rub off on the beginners.

The trading competition module is now live on the naijacrypto website. The first competition is free to enter with the winner being rewarded with

100,000 naira for first place,

60,000 naira for second place and

40,000 naira for third place.

We are always open to partner with individuals and organizations who wish to organize or sponsor their own competitions on the platform.

To participate in the first free competitions or any subsequent competitions, simply create an account on or download the naijacrypto app on the google play store. Please note that there would be deferring competitions on the module with deferring roles.

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Press Release

A.I Meets Crypto in New Crypto Trading Strategy

XchangeRate Crypto Auto Trading comes with the Multi Exchange Max the unique self-selective trade filters that has yielded 97% minimum percentage profitability of its choices of trades.

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Since the inception of Cryptocurrency exchanges in 2010, Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment has been the wild west and is reputed to be the most volatile market in the world. It’s a wild ride. A roller coaster of emotional swings.

One day you’re dreaming of your mansion by the sea, the next you’re in bed staring at your phone, a nervous wreck lost in a sea of red questioning why you even got into this market in the first place.
Today the best traders in the space with Accurate Technical and Fundamental Analysis of the market still end up with a fifty to sixty per cent chance of succeeding in the market and predicting a successful trade from the price action of a coin, most end up having to rely on only news and some others market manipulation (pumps and dumps).
Ready. Trader. One.

Using 5 proprietary algorithms and Augmented Intelligence, Xchangerate Trading presents a new strategy to engage markets profitably helping Traders/Portfolio Managers navigate the complex cryptocurrency market and make expert decisions, all in one convenient platform. Data pipelines from plugins and APIs combine with unique, relevant metrics to detect market attitudes.

Investors set buy/sell parameters and choose to make manual or automatic trades triggered by if/then conditions.Users are freed from having to make every decision and separately track trends and currencies.

Instead, the XchangeRate makes intelligent decisions on its users’ behalf, enabling investors to trade popular currencies around the clock based on set criteria and interpretation of big data analysis proprietary to the platform. Crypto trading will never remain the same for Traders and crypto exchanges around the world.

XchangeRate Crypto Auto Trading comes with the Multi Exchange Max the unique self-selective trade filters that has yielded 97% minimum percentage profitability of its choices of trades.

It is a multi combo metric filter that selects the coin overlapping on 5 already winning metrics.

Also, Based on Trader settings The entire machine is built to enter and exit trades on your specified exchanges automatically while also having a manual option.

It currently has integrations for most of the popular exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, Bitfinex, and HitBtc. More will be added upon community requests.

Ready to feel the magic of XchangeRate Trading?
Take emotions out of the way! sit back, relax and let the software do the magic for you? You’re just a few setups away from this. Let’s show you just how.
Visit to see for yourself.
Also, join our Telegram chat
XRRT token is the native currency of the Xchangerate and can be gotten on our exchange partners

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Adoption News

First of its Kind in Africa: SisiPower to Empower the ‘African Sisi’ with $1m Entrepreneurial Grants and 150m Anion Sanitary Pads to women and the less privileged girl-child in Africa

Sisipower is committed to positioning the African sisi and equipping HER with one of the most trending innovative skills and technology, which is blockchain.

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Sisibox -Nigeria's first Sanitary Product powered by the Blockchain

Sanitary pads which is supposed to be readily available and affordable to every girl or young woman in Africa is not. Though we have some sanitary pad brands in the market, it’s just that many of these girls and women can’t afford to buy and use them for their monthly menstrual circle. In order to get these pads, these young women find themselves in despicable situations where they are forced to have sex with the chemist or shop keepers who sells these items. They are also exposed to having sex with any available male in exchange for sanitary pad. So sad that girls have to sell their dignity just to get a paltry sum of money to care for their monthly period.

It is also not new as research shows that many girls especially in public secondary schools miss class during their menstrual period. They do this as a result of the fear of being shamed by boys and girls alike for the blood stains that reflects at the back of their skirts. Not only that, some of these girls, if at all they try to come, end up using unhygienic materials like dirty clothes or tissue papers. And while they are away from school they miss out on academic lessons which affect their overall academic performance and deny them of better future prospects.

A look at our female prisons wards, tales of woes, agony and pains as another worrisome situation is brewing there. In the prisons, we have a situation where about five female inmates have to share one sanitary pad. Thus exposing them to all manners of highly contagious disease and infection.

Some of these girls and women when interviewed say, “we can’t afford to eat three square meals how much more buy a sanitary pad.”

In putting an end to this problem which have skipped the eyes of many, BEEP Foundation, a concerned non-governmental organization launches SISI POWER, a campaign to empower indigent women and girls with 1 million Dollars and 150 million sanitary pads across Africa, though starting from Nigeria.

This cash will be given as business grants to indigent women, after proper training. Also, they shall be mentored by successful business women and the foundation to ensure they make better use of the grants given to them.

For girls, they shall have access to free monthly sanitary pad and access to Blockchain Technology, ICT and life skills training which makes it possible for them not to sell themselves short just for sanitary pads. They will be trained in the following areas; Coding, Mobile App Development, Animation, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designs and other relevant courses that ensure for their self-sustenance, productivity.

With this innovative gesture, BEEP Foundation through the launch of Sisi Power has placed itself at the forefront of poverty eradication, entrepreneurial empowerment of Girls and Women in Africa.

The narrative has to change , Sisipower is committed to positioning the African sisi and equipping HER with one of the most trending innovative skills and technology, which is blockchain. SisiPower leads the way in its application of blockchain technology by enabling acceptance of donations in BMCTokens and made provision for acceptance of a smart contract shared Master-Node Equity reward on the blockchain to support and sustain the vision and mission of sisipower.

Sisi Power is an initiative of Beep Foundation, a foundation geared at providing empowerment and innovative development in Africa.

Operations Head Office : 15 Yinusa Adeniji street off Muslim Avenue ikeja lagos Nigeria.

A few members of the executive team were unveiled at the event.

Amb. Dr GIlead Okolonkwo - Brain and Founder of the Sisipower Initiative

Amb. Dr GIlead Okolonkwo – Brain and Founder of the Sisipower Initiative

Dr Chinwe Ikpe- Global Director of grants and Operations

Dr Chinwe Ikpe- Global Director of grants and Operations SisiPower

Dr Stephany Nwanmah - Global Director of Strategy and Partnership Sispower

Dr Stephany Nwanmah – Global Director of Strategy and Partnership Sispower

This launch happened on Saturday, 28th September, 2019, at 10:00am at the ZAAZ Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos.

Find Photos of the event here

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