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Tapswap vs Hamster Kombat: what you should know



A comprehensive comparison of Tapswap and Hamster Kombat on the TON blockchain: key features, benefits, and what you need to know before.

TapSwap is a play-to-earn crypto game built on the Telegram messaging app that has millions of users. In the game, players earn the in-game currency by repeatedly tapping on their screen. TapSwap was initially built on the Solana blockchain, but the project later announced it would transition to the Open Network (TON) blockchain, 

Hamster Kombat is one of the leading play-to-earn crypto games built on Telegram. It allows players to take on the role of the CEO of a virtual crypto exchange and earn the in-game currency “Hamster coins” by repeatedly tapping on their screen.

Hamster Kombat is set to launch its native cryptocurrency token called $HMSTR, which will be used as the main in-game currency and will also be airdropped to active players. Similarly, Tapswap will airdrop earned tokens to users. 

This article explorers the differences between Tapswap and Hamster:


Originally slated for a debut on the Solana Blockchain, Tapswap revealed a shift to The Open Network (TON) blockchain, attributing the move to Solana’s scalability challenges.

In late May, Hamster Kombat disclosed their decision to roll out their launch on the TON blockchain.

Gameplay mechanics

In Tapswap, a simple tap on the screen earns you coins. While Hamster Kombat shares this basic gameplay, it adds complexity with a “crypto exchange” feature, allowing players to upgrade their exchanges and generate passive income.

The app lists major exchanges such as Binance, Bybit,, OKX, Kucoin, and MEXC. Whether Hamster has formal partnerships with all these exchanges remains uncertain. The game follows the story of a user’s journey to becoming a global top-tier cryptocurrency exchange CEO.


By June 27, 2024, Tapswap boasts nearly 60 million players, with an average of 18 million active users daily, representing less than half of its overall user base. Its Telegram Channel engages upwards of 24 million members, and its Twitter account has attracted 6.3 million followers.

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Meanwhile, Hamster Kombat proudly asserts a player count surpassing 200 million, accompanied by 46.6 million Telegram subscribers, 25 million YouTube followers, and more than 10 million Twitter enthusiasts.

Token airdrop

The tokenomics of Tapswap hinge on overall coin accumulation. Originally set for release on July 1, 2024, the TAPS token launch has now been indefinitely delayed. Although there’s buzz about Tapswap leveraging the Notcoin system for rewarding users, the team hasn’t clarified the exact reward distribution method yet.

Over at Hamster Kombat, there’s also chatter about adopting the Notcoin system. However, during a recent AMA, the Hamster team revealed that player rewards will be based on hourly earnings rather than the total coin holdings. The Hamster Kombat website indicates that the TGE and the in-game token utility are slated to roll out in July. 

Future features

Tapswap is gearing up to enhance its ecosystem with a slew of new features, including swapping and transfers, staking, a launchpad, payment options, and an educational hub, as detailed in the Kucoin article. In contrast, Hamster’s roadmap makes no mention of similar updates, though it hints at unveiling new functionalities in Q3, 2024 and beyond.

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