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Zimbabwe seeks public feedback to shape its cryptocurrency regulatory policy



Zimbabwe seeks public feedback to shape its crypto regulation policy, aiming to boost growth in the nation's cryptocurrency industry.
  • Zimbabwe plans to regulate its cryptocurrency sector and invites public feedback to align with global standards.
  • Successful implementation of cryptocurrency regulations could set a precedent for other nations with similar economic challenges.
  • A committee has been formed to consult stakeholders, with a feedback deadline set for June 26.

Zimbabwe is set to introduce regulations for its burgeoning cryptocurrency sector, inviting the public and industry stakeholders to contribute to shaping the framework. With this initiative, the government wants to align with global trends and best practices in managing digital assets.

According to local online media, a state-run newspaper, the Herald, reported on Wednesday that the Zimbabwean government is on a path to regulate the country’s cryptocurrency industry. “In line with global trends and best practices, Zimbabwe is embarking on an exercise to assess and understand the cryptocurrency landscape,” the report stated.

The government calls on all cryptocurrency service providers, and the public to provide feedback and insights.

Zimbabwe, a landlocked nation bordered by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique, is home to approximately 16 million people. In recent years, the country has faced huge financial challenges, leading to a series of monetary reforms. 

Last year, Zimbabwe introduced a gold-backed virtual token to combat chronic financial instability. In April, the country launched a new currency known as ZiG, short for Zimbabwe Gold, marking its sixth attempt to establish a stable local currency in 15 years.

ZiG replaced the Zimbabwean dollar, which had repeatedly crashed since its reintroduction in 2019, exacerbating inflationary pressures.

The backdrop to Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil dates back to 1999 when the country defaulted on its debts and was subsequently excluded from international capital markets.

Currently, Zimbabwe is working to restructure approximately $19.2 billion in debt owed to various creditors, including $13 billion to international investors.

To spearhead the cryptocurrency regulation efforts, the Zimbabwean government has formed a committee tasked with consulting stakeholders within the virtual asset ecosystem.

The government has set a deadline of June 26 for receiving comments and suggestions from cryptocurrency operators and other interested parties.

The move to regulate cryptocurrencies comes at a pivotal time for Zimbabwe’s economy. With the introduction of a structured regulatory framework, the government aims to promote a secure and transparent environment for cryptocurrencies, potentially attracting investment and strengthening economic stability. 

Given the volatile history of Zimbabwe’s monetary policies and the critical need for economic stability, the successful implementation of cryptocurrency regulations could play a major role in propping up the country’s financial sector.

The outcome of this initiative could set a precedent for other nations facing similar economic challenges and considering the integration of cryptocurrencies into their financial systems.

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