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Pixelverse $300K giveaway will transform its community engagement



Pixelverse announces an exciting $330,000 giveaway, capitalizing on the momentum of its rapidly growing and highly engaged community.

Pixelverse, a pioneering platform in the burgeoning virtual world and NFT landscape, has announced an impressive giveaway of up to $330,000 in USDT, responding to enthusiastic community feedback from previous promotions.

Initially planned as a $220,000 giveaway, the Pixelverse team has decided to boost the prize pool by an additional $110,000 and extend the participation period by a week.

“We are extending the Giveaway of last week until 30 of June and adding $110,000 USDT to the prize pool,” the company revealed in a recent X post. To qualify for the raffle, participants must invite at least four new users during this extended two-week period.

At the core of Pixelverse’s appeal is its cyberpunk-themed, quest-based game that merges engaging gameplay with blockchain technology. Players can earn the platform’s native token, $PIXFI, by completing quests, battles, and daily challenges.

The game features a mix of player-versus-environment (PvE) challenges against AI and player-versus-player (PvP) arena battles, offering various ways to win rewards.

Additionally, Pixelverse offers Pixeltap, a Telegram-based mini-game where players can earn points by claiming them every 8 hours or by participating in PvP battles.

These points can eventually be converted into $PIXFI tokens, providing another method for players to earn rewards. Recently, Pixelverse secured $5.5 million to support its expansion.

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Pixelverse boasts a burgeoning user base of 35 million players, with its Arena battles tallying over 450 million engagements. The platform’s Telegram channel has amassed over 7.5 million subscribers, while its X account has reached 2 million followers, highlighting its growing influence and engagement.

In tandem with the giveaway announcement, Pixelverse welcomed several high-profile backers, including Sebastien, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox; Johnson, founder of Ambrus Studio; Web3 investor Dingaling; and Richard Robinson of Animaco Brands.

Pixelverse also announced a partnership with Karate Combat, a rapidly growing professional full-contact combat sport. Karate Combat features over 100 exclusive fighters across 10 weight classes, competing for championship belts in events streamed in immersive 3D VFX environments rendered in Unreal Engine. 

The league, built by a team of crypto and tech entrepreneurs, aims to be the first professional sports league governed by its top fans and fighters, utilizing crypto rails and blockchain technology to enhance fan engagement and interaction.

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