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Fantom partners with Google Cloud to enable devs build next-gen dApps



Fantom partners with Google Cloud to empower developers in building next-generation decentralized applications (dApps), enhancing innovation and scalability in the Web3 space.

Fantom has announced its latest partnership with Google Cloud designed to drive innovation and empower developers to create the next generation of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Fantom platform. 

Per Fantom, the collaboration will leverage Google Cloud’s technology and infrastructure to improve the capabilities of the Fantom network. This will also provide developers on the Fantom network with robust tools to build smarter and safer products. 

As part of the partnership, Google Cloud is committed to helping scale and secure the Fantom Opera network. Google Cloud will operate a validator on the network to ensure enhanced security and performance. This validator will eventually be migrated to the new Sonic network.

The Fantom Sonic Network involves the introduction of Sonic Labs and Sonic Foundation to improve the use of the network. Sonic Labs focuses on developing decentralized apps associated with Sonic, while the Sonic Foundation oversees network governance and treasury management. 

The network is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocols and features its native token, $S, which maintains a 1:1 correlation with Fantom’s FTM token. 

Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom Foundation, emphasized their commitment to a developer-first approach, highlighting the new collaboration with Google Cloud as a key step in enhancing the ecosystem experience. 

He noted that this partnership provides Fantom developers with additional resources and capabilities, with further advancements in the future.

“With Google Cloud, Fantom is prepared to set a new paradigm for the capabilities and features of blockchain technology,” he said.

Rishi Ramchandani, Google Head of Web3 APAC, stated that Google Cloud is dedicated to scaling the Web3 ecosystem by providing secure infrastructure and advanced AI. He highlighted that the expanded partnership with Fantom, including becoming a network validator, supports this mission by enabling Fantom developers to create more engaging and meaningful applications.

“Google Cloud is committed to scaling the Web3 ecosystem by empowering founders, enterprises, and developers with secure infrastructure and cutting-edge AI. Our expanded relationship with Fantom, which includes becoming a validator on its network, builds on this mission as we help enable its developers to build more engaging and meaningful applications.”

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