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Celebrating Bitcoin: Crypto Bootcamp Community (CBC) Hosts 2024 Bitcoin Pizza Day Hangout at 10+ Cities Worldwide



Join the celebration with Crypto Bootcamp Community (CBC) as we host the 2024 Bitcoin Pizza Day Hangout, uniting 10+ cities globally for this event.

Crypto Bootcamp Community (CBC), a global brand focused on empowering and networking the world through cryptocurrency and blockchain education has teamed up with BitFi and several partners to commemorate the 2024 Bitcoin Pizza Day in a grand style. 

Other partners include CBC Blockchain Services, Yellow Card, Brave, Quidax, Sasomis, Tradefada, Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO, Jackocoins, 3.0 Verse, Convexity, Tether, Vent Africa, BitBarter, CrytoTVplus and Nitadel amongst others. 

Celebrated annually by the global crypto community on May 22, the day Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC for two large pizzas, CBC will host its 2024 Bitcoin Pizza Day hangout across 14 cities in Africa, enabling crypto enthusiasts to join the festival at locations near them. 

The cities where CBC will stage the 2024 edition of the eat-and-learn event are Abuja, Accra, Dar Es Salaam, Enugu, Gaborone, Ibadan, Kigali, Kampala, Kumasi, Lagos, Lusaka, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Port Harcourt. In 2023, CBC held the event across 40+ cities, including Istanbul, Johannesburg, Newcastle, and Dublin amongst others. 

The annual occasion, which highlights the growth of BTC and cryptocurrency as a payment method and store of value, promises to be exciting and enlightening. CBC’s 2024 Bitcoin Pizza Day hangout will present newbies with an opportunity to learn everything about BTC and its significance in the present era. 

Besides munching free pizza slices, the scheduled get-together will be an avenue for industry participants to network and connect. 

To join the celebration in a city nearest to you, visit here for more information and registration. For sponsorship and partnership, you can reach out to

About Crypto Bootcamp Community 

Established in 2020, the Crypto Bootcamp Community is a leading blockchain and web3 education in Africa, providing not just training and skills acquisition but also serving as a consultancy and services brand. CBC is focused on empowering and networking the world through cryptocurrency and blockchain education. 

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