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TON launches Memelandia a cultural hub to support memecoins 



The Telegram Open Network (TON) introduces Memelandia, a new cultural hub aimed at supporting & promoting memecoins, improving their visibility & utility.

The Telegram Open Network (TON) has launched Memelandia, a dedicated cultural hub designed to celebrate meme coins and community tokens.

This initiative aims to fight the negative stigma often associated with memecoins among institutional players while providing a platform for these digital assets to thrive.

The TON Foundation acknowledges that memecoins have long been overlooked and underappreciated within institutional players circles.

With Memelandia, TON seeks to rectify this disparity by offering memecoins with a fair launch and dedicated teams the recognition they deserve. 

Embracing the ethos of creativity, engagement, and fun, TON believes these qualities are essential for fostering community growth within the crypto space.

At the heart of Memelandia lies The Open League, where selected communities engage in friendly competition for rewards and the prestigious title of the top meme coin and community coin on TON. 

The platform provides a space for memecoins to flourish, leveraging TON’s no-code solution and open-source templates to simplify the process of launching memecoins on the network.

While memecoins have historically faced skepticism from institutional players, their popularity has surged within the industry. Networks like Solana, known for their low fees, have proven to be fertile ground for memecoin projects. 

In mid-March, memecoin presales on Solana exceeded $100 million within three days, showing an increasing appetite for these digital assets.

The Avalanche Foundation has also embraced memecoins, albeit under the moniker of “community coins.” The foundation has established eligibility frameworks outlining criteria for purchasing memecoins on the Avalanche blockchain. 

These criteria include a minimum of 2,000 holders, diversified ownership, substantial liquidity, and specific market cap of $1M, and trading volume thresholds not exceeding $100,000 for two weeks.

Recognizing the importance of preventing scams, promoting transparency, and driving a vibrant culture within the blockchain community, the Avalanche Foundation says it is committed to evaluating each memecoin project on its individual merits.

While meeting the criteria does not guarantee acquisition, the foundation has initiated purchases of memecoins from its $100 million “Culture Catalyst” fund.

However, specific details regarding the tokens acquired, allocated capital, and active management strategies remain undisclosed by the foundation.


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