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Sora Ventures & Metaplanet partner for ‘Asia’s Microstrategy’ pre-bitcoin halving



Sora Ventures and Metaplanet collaborate for 'Asia's Microstrategy' in preparation for the upcoming bitcoin halving event, enhancing strategic initiatives in the region.

In a move that could signal a turning point for Bitcoin adoption in Asia, Metaplanet JP, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), is making a bold shift in its financial strategy.

The company is allocating ¥1 billion (approximately USD 7.4 million) to Bitcoin, positioning it as the core treasury asset going forward.

This strategic pivot isn’t just about embracing digital assets, according to Metaplanet JP. 

They envision a future where finance and innovation are linked, and their Bitcoin investment reflects this commitment. Metaplanet JP isn’t venturing into this new frontier alone. 

They have secured the backing of a prestigious group of investors and partners like; Mark Yusko (CEO/CIO of Morgan Creek Capital), Jack Liu, Batara Eto (Co-founder of East Ventures), Sora Ventures (a venture capital firm), UTXO Management (an investment firm).

Jason Fang, founder of Sora Ventures, a key partner in this venture, confirmed the partnership and unveiled what he called: “Asia’s first Microstrategy.” 

The aim is to address a major hurdle for Japanese investors – the unrealized gains tax on Bitcoin, which can reach a staggering 55%. 

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Through “Asia’s Microstrategy,” Japanese citizens will be able to gain exposure to Bitcoin without incurring this hefty tax burden.

Additionally, any individual with a Tokyo Stock Exchange account will be able to access Bitcoin through this product, bypassing regulatory complexities.

This strategic move by Metaplanet JP comes at a particularly interesting time. The Bitcoin halving, a pre-programmed event that cuts Bitcoin’s mining reward in half, is expected to occur this month. 

Historically, this halving event has been followed by significant price increases for Bitcoin. 

With Metaplanet JP’s substantial investment and the potential price boost from the halving, this could be a significant catalyst for wider Bitcoin adoption in Japan. 

By simplifying access and mitigating tax burdens, this move has the potential to attract a new wave of Japanese investors to the cryptocurrency space, particularly in light of the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

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