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Milady memecoin announces DePIN project: a meme phone



Milady is set to launch a meme phone as part of its innovative DePIN project, bringing humor and creativity to the world of mobile technology.

The Memecoin project Milady has recently announced the launch of a new DePIN project – the Memecoin Phone. This exclusive limited-edition mobile device will be released in batches of just 100 phones initially.

According to the statement released by the Memecoin project, the Memecoin Phone will only be available to $LADYF holders. Each phone comes with an enticing incentive: a 1 million $LADYF airdrop per phone and a unique NFT to signify ownership of the device. The price of the phone is set at 2 SOL.

While integrating mobile phones with crypto projects is not uncommon in the crypto world, the Memecoin Phone stands out as the first of its kind — a phone launched by a memecoin project and the inaugural decentralized physical infrastructure network project by a memecoin.

DePINs, which stand for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure, are poised to revolutionize the operation of physical hardware by leveraging blockchain protocols. 

These innovative devices bring blockchain technology into the physical realm, reshaping traditional infrastructure into decentralized, open networks that provide tangible real-world services.

The rise of the meme phone coincides with the increasing popularity of memecoins, garnering significant attention. 

Most recently, memecoin presale earnings on the Solana network surpassed $100 million. The BNB Chain has also entered discussions about memecoins, underscoring their industry-wide appeal. 

In addition to the expanding market for memecoins on Solana and the Avalanche Foundation’s announcement of acquiring community (meme) tokens, the DED memecoin on the Polkadot network is gaining momentum. Likewise, the Chiliz chain is embracing network memecoins with the launch of the $PEPPER memecoin. 

The growing interest in memecoins reflects a trend towards digital assets that offer a unique and often humorous spin on traditional cryptocurrencies.

As these memecoins continue to capture the imagination of investors, their presence in the crypto landscape is becoming increasingly prominent. Milady memecoin is currently down by 12% in the last 24 hours.


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