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OpenAI set to launch new AI software to automate tasks



Popular artificial intelligence company, OpenAI is set to start working on AI software that automates tasks according to recent details

The software is designed to copy human behavior by replicating actions such as clicks, cursor movements, and text typing, enabling smooth interaction with different applications.

OpenAI, a US-based AI research and deployment company, was founded in December 2015. Its primary focus is on developing safe and beneficial AI that aligns with human values. 

OpenAI has released various AI models and platforms, such as the OpenAI API and ChatGPT chatbot. Additionally, they actively participate in initiatives aimed at democratizing AI and comprehending its potential risks and impact.

OpenAI is at the forefront of pioneering research on the path to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and is working on software that operates devices and automates complex tasks. 

AI competition 

This new development comes with heightened competition in the AI field, with contenders like Google, Meta, Amazon, and others. 

Google recently renamed its AI chat experience from Bard to Gemini, which aligns with the name of its AI language model powering the system. 

The introduction of the Gemini AI bot aims to facilitate a wider range of use cases, enabling easier generation of text and images using Google’s AI system. 

This name change simplifies things for users, ensuring clarity that they are engaging with the Gemini model.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Inc., owns Meta AI, an artificial intelligence laboratory established in 2013 under the name Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR). 

With the rebranding of Facebook, Inc. to Meta Platforms Inc., the lab was subsequently renamed Meta AI.

Under the umbrella term Meta AI, Meta’s various AI models, including LLaMA 2 and Emu, are developed and utilized. The company focuses on AI research to enhance augmented and virtual reality technology. 

Meta also actively shares its research findings and frequently releases AI models as open-source projects to advance the field of AI.

In addition to its well-known AI project, Alexa, which relies on natural language generation and processing along with machine learning, Amazon has made investments in other AI ventures. 

One such investment is Anthropic, where Amazon has allocated up to $4 billion to acquire a stake in the company.

Anthropic primarily utilizes AWS as its cloud provider and plans to train and deploy its future foundation models using AWS Trainium and Inferentia. 

As the competition intensifies to develop the most widely adopted AI tool, with ChatGPT already boasting over 100 million users, the question remains: who will emerge as the industry leader?

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