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Holesky Testnet prepares for Decun Activation, final ETH testnet upgrade before mainnet launch



The Ethereum community has revealed that the Dencun activation on the Holesky testnet is set to commence tomorrow at 6:34 AM (ET)/11:34 (UTC). This marks the culmination of testnet upgrades before the eagerly anticipated mainnet launch.

Developers have been working on refining the Dencun activation, which is expected to introduce crucial enhancements to the Ethereum network. The Holesky testnet has been chosen as the final testing ground, signaling a critical step towards the deployment of these improvements on the mainnet.

One key aspect to watch is the timing of the mainnet launch. With the Holesky upgrade serving as the last testnet activation, developers are expected to announce the mainnet launch date shortly thereafter.

The Ethereum Dencun upgrade is a big milestone in Ethereum’s ongoing evolution, aiming to enhance the platform’s scalability, security, and overall network efficiency. It is a fusion of the Cancun and Deneb upgrades, with Cancun focusing on the execution layer and Deneb on the consensus layer. 

This upgrade introduces several improvements, including Proto-Danksharding, enhanced security, and efficiency. It is set to be launched on the mainnet in early 2024 and is expected to bring substantial changes to Ethereum’s scalability, security, and usability.

The upgrade is designed to address unresolved issues facing the Ethereum network, such as security and scalability, and is implemented through a hard fork that touches on different aspects of the network. The Dencun upgrade represents a crucial step towards the anticipated “proto-dank sharding” feature, offering a glimpse into Ethereum’s future.

The Ethereum Holesky testnet is a public testnet designed to provide an environment for technical experimentation, particularly in the areas of staking designs and protocol-level developments. It was launched to replace the Goerli testnet and offers enhanced testing capabilities for Ethereum’s growing developer community. 

It is named after Prague’s Nádraží Holešovice subway station and is intended to support a large number of validators, an integrated staking mechanism, and prepare for the Dencun upgrade.

 Holesky aims to mirror the mainnet functionalities for precise evaluations and is part of Ethereum’s ongoing evolution, offering a platform for testing changes to the network and increasing the number of active validators.

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