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BNB Chain to 5x storage provider upload & download speeds; AI updates in Greenfield roadmap



BNB Chain to 5x storage provider speeds; AI updates in greenfield roadmap

BNB Chain has released its BNB Greenfield technology roadmap, which aims to enhance data management in Web3 and the overall data economy. Greenfield serves as BNB’s decentralized storage network specifically designed to accommodate Dapps with substantial data within the BNB ecosystem.

The upcoming plans for Greenfield prioritize improving user experience by focusing on high-performance capabilities, simplified development experiences, and a multichain platform for seamless cross-chain functionalities.

As per the latest roadmap updates, users can anticipate faster upload and download speeds starting from Q4 2023. The impressive Storage Provider (SP) 5x increase will elevate the current upload speed of approximately 2MB/s to 10MB/s, and the download speed of about 20MB/s to 100MB/s. Moreover, users will gain access to the bundle service feature, enabling them to consolidate multiple files into a single blockchain object.

BNB Chain aims to provide developers with a simplified development environment. To achieve this, they are introducing a feature similar to account abstraction’s paymaster.

“The Greenfield Paymaster proposal aims to bring a feature, similar to the paymaster in Account Abstraction, to Greenfield. This would enable products built on Greenfield to provide more flexible charging choices for their users right from the start,” BNB Chain said.

In addition, BNB Chain has plans to propose the inclusion of a cross-chain permission module. This module will allow smart contracts on BNB Chain (BSC) and opBNB to possess and manage resources. Furthermore, Greenfield aims to significantly reduce opBNB gas prices, making them 10 times more affordable.

Moreover, BNB Chain has highlighted that the updates on the Greenfield roadmap will introduce features that facilitate the implementation of AI on BNB Chain. These features will enhance the integration of AI and web3. Specifically, they will include the creation of specialized storage for large files and the ability to process large-scale datasets off-chain through the Greenfield Executable.

In summary, Greenfield has plans to enable smart contracts on BSC and opBNB in a few months (Q4 2023 and Q1 2024). This will allow Greenfield to act as the ‘resource owner’ for better permission control. Furthermore, Greenfield aims to enhance Storage Provider performance and simplify the process for storage providers to exit the network.

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