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Scroll launches $1M bounty program as mainnet goes live 



Scroll, an Ethereum zkEVM network announced its mainnet launch. Scroll was built to scale Ethereum and aims to onboard infrastructure providers as it goes mainnet. 

According to Scroll, the next milestone on the roadmap is to build a decentralized proof network and a decentralized sequencer, which means that similar to zkSync’s statement, there may be a long time before airdrops and coin issuance.

Founded in 2021, Scroll has had three successful testnets in over 15 months. The team said the testnets involved “extensive testing and rigorous security audits.”

Further, the team stated that the testing period was an opportunity to clearly brand and carve out their place in the broader Ethereum ecosystem, as well as have a public representation of their values.

However, while Scroll goes mainnet, its most recent testnets will still be functional. “We will continue to operate our most recent testnet, Scroll Sepolia, as a testing ground for all upgrades to our Mainnet,” Scroll said.

Additionally, Scroll recent integration supports all EVM opcodes, and is designed to allow developers to deploy zk applications on Scroll. Also, Scroll claims “its unique bytecode-level EVM compatible zkEVM offers a virtually identical experience to Ethereum.”

According to Scroll, milestones achieved during its testnets period include deploying over 450k smart contracts, seeing more than 90 million transactions, production of 9M+ blocks, and generation of 280K ZK proofs.

Scroll in a press release said that the next milestone invew as contained in its roadmap is “to build a decentralized proof network and a decentralized sequencer.”

Alongside the Mainnet launch, Scroll opened up a $1M bug bounty program for its community. 

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