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LinkedIn unveils AI-Powered Recruiter Assistant: A Boost for Talent Acquisition



LinkedIn is developing two AI-powered assistants, one for recruiters to help them find job candidates and another for the platform’s learning section to offer AI-powered educational content.

LinkedIn, a Microsoft-owned social platform for professionals, has announced new AI features to help recruiters source candidates.

LinkedIn announced on Oct. 3 that it is launching a pilot program for an AI-powered recruiting tool, “Recruiter 2024.”

According to the announcement, the new recruiting tool enables recruiters to use natural language to find candidates and create targeted job ads, making it easier to find the right talent.

At the Talent Connect Summit, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said that the industry needs new strategies for talent acquisition, and AI can help develop those new approaches.

“The good news is that AI is not just accelerating the need for new playbooks, it’s also going to be a great tool in helping you all build them…”

In addition to the new AI-powered recruiting tool, LinkedIn has launched a new AI-powered coaching feature for its LinkedIn Learning section.  This feature uses AI to tailor content to the individual user’s career goals and offers real-time advice to help them achieve those goals.

However, In the past year, LinkedIn has seen a 65% increase in interest in its AI courses, which has led to the launch of two new AI-powered features: one for recruiting and one for learning, which is currently available to a limited number of users.

Microsoft, the parent company of LinkedIn, is reportedly using technology from OpenAI, a company in which Microsoft has invested, to develop its new AI features.  OpenAI is the creator of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT.

LinkedIn reports that its AI-assisted messages for recruiters, released in May, save users an average of 74% of the time they spend on routine tasks.

LinkedIn is one of many companies beginning to use AI-powered applications to improve operations.  On September 27th, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta AI, an AI chat assistant designed to compete with other popular chatbots such as ChatGPT.

Meta AI will be integrated into Meta-owned platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.


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