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News unveils Q4 roadmap: new initiatives and redesigns


on unveils Q4 roadmap: new initiatives and redesigns Ethereum-roadmap community website-revamp user-experience-improvement, the go-to portal for Ethereum’s growing community, has announced its product roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2023. This roadmap outlines several vital updates and improvements to enhance user experience and provide valuable educational content. 

Ethereum was conceived in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin, who published the Ethereum Paper outlining the concept of Ethereum and how it would let developers use blockchain tools such as smart contracts to build decentralized applications.

The roadmap includes the launch of a second writing cohort. A second writers’ cohort for will start on October 20th, offering a three-week online writing program for Ethereum enthusiasts.

In Q4, plans to launch a campaign to acknowledge contributors throughout 2024, with various types of recognition. Additionally, preparations are underway for’s significant presence at Devconnect, aiming to foster collaboration within the Ethereum community.

The organization also said it plans to revamp its website to improve user experience by redesigning menu navigation and addressing issues like content discoverability and visual consistency in early Q1 2024. However, there are also ongoing efforts including redesigning third-level navigation and improving content tabs for a more consistent user experience.

Still, on the website, the “Find Wallet” page will see enhancements in Q4, focusing on improving the mobile experience and wallet selection. It plans to include providing educational content on seed phrases, clarifying terminology, and highlighting security strategies.

Other adjustments coming to the website include transitioning from Gatsby to NextJS in Q4, migration of from Gatsby Cloud to Netlify for seamless operations and content releases, and addressing technical issues preventing new quizzes on the website in Q4, allowing for the addition of new quizzes to the quiz hub.

The core team is also expected to increase its engagement with GitHub issues and pull requests, seeking community input. Content related to the Dencun upgrade will be introduced, including guidance for node operators and educational material for users.


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