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Avalanche Cortina 12 goes live, Introduces New Features



Avalanche has released Cortina 12, which brings several noteworthy enhancements to the Web3 network. Cortina 12 is one of the versions of the Cortina upgrade designed to improve the Avalanche blockchain.

Cortina makes it easier for exchanges to support Avalanche’s X-Chain, which the protocol uses to send and receive funds. The upgrade will also enable faster development, among other benefits, according to Avalanche.

Avalanche is a blockchain platform that was launched in 2020 by Ava Labs. It is a smart contract-capable blockchain platform that aims to address the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization. 

Avalanche’s smart contracts platform supports both decentralized applications (dApps) and autonomous blockchains. 

The maximum supply of AVAX, the native currency of the Avalanche blockchain, is capped at 720 million tokens, but AVAX users govern how fast new coins are minted. 

According to its VP of Engineering, Patrick O’Grady, the release, available on GitHub, maintains backward compatibility with version 1.10.0 and is highly recommended for users.

One of the key focuses of this release is the introduction of “Height Voting for Chits.” This feature enhances Chits messages and optimizes consensus by transforming the network’s voting process.

The VP added that When a node initiates a query, it now includes a request for the query recipient’s preference for its last accepted block height plus one. 

When a virtuous node responds, the requesting node can apply the vote on top of its last accepted block, providing more efficient consensus management.

This release also incorporates “Dual-Alpha Support,” which optimizes Avalanche Consensus. He said that Avalanche continues to evolve and improve its consensus mechanisms, making it a platform of choice for blockchain enthusiasts and developers. 

Cortina 11, released in September 2023, added new features and improvements that benefit crypto and blockchain professionals, including enhanced functionality and streamlined operations for developers.

The blockchain called on all users to explore Cortina 12 and leverage the new features for enhanced performance and efficiency in their blockchain operations.

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