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Why MakerDAO Co-founder wants Solana’s base code



MakerDAO is going through a transition process that will most likely see the crypto project pivot into Solana. 

Rune Christensen, Co-founder of the MakerDAO, speaking about this said that there is a proposal for MakerDAO to use the base code of Solana as it enters the final stage of its development called Endgame.

MakerDAO is a decentralized organization on the Ethereum blockchain known for creating the stablecoin Dai. 

Dai’s value is maintained by users locking up collateral in smart contracts, and governance decisions are made by token holders. 

MakerDAO aims to keep Dai’s value close to $1 using various mechanisms. It plays a crucial role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Endgame evolution 

In May 2023, MakerDAO announced the new phase of its development called Endgame where the entire ecosystem will be broken down into several smaller parts for easy management and innovation. 

Endgame is designed to bring “efficiency, resilience, and participation in MakerDAO” by creating a balanced system of governance for SubDAOs. Each of the SubDAOs would have a unique role  to play in the overall ecosystem.

Why Solana 

Rune said that the last phase of the five phases of Endgame would take at least three years to complete and using the code base of Solana is one of the best options that the entire community can decide on.

He revealed that his first reason for choosing Solana is its well-optimized codebase, designed to run a highly efficient blockchain. 

Solana’s code benefits from lessons learned in blockchain development, aligning with NewChain’s goal of improving Maker’s technical aspects. 

His second and third reasons are that the “Solana ecosystem has proven its resilience by having gone through the FTX blowup,” and that there are successful examples of projects that have forked the Solana codebase with the Pyth project leading the way.

Although the consideration sounded reasonable, the Co-founder was asked a series of questions on X (Twitter) on his choice of Solana instead of sticking to Ethereum or other blockchains. 

For example, @raphbaph asked why a roll-up  built on chains such as Celestia, Eclipse, or Eigenlayer isn’t the best option against Solana. 

The Co-founder answered, “Rollups can’t hard fork – if we didn’t need the ability to hard fork the obvious choice would be to keep the core on Ethereum mainnet.”

Whether the end of the Endgame evolution will be successful remains unknown. As usual, further communication and discussion continue  in the community until a final decision is reached.

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