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Eclipse’s mainnet  to transform blockchain  with Ethereum & Solana integration



Eclipse, a highly customizable modular rollup platform, has officially launched its mainnet network. This infrastructure is made up of a fusion of cutting-edge technologies, integrating Ethereum, Solana Virtual Machine (SVM), Celestia, and RISC Zero.

According to the firm, Eclipse will leverage Ethereum as its settlement layer, utilizing ETH as the gas token for transactions. The validating bridge is established on Ethereum, ensuring security and liquidity. 

The integration with Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) will be for execution, benefiting from its exceptional speed and scalability. The SVM enables parallel transaction execution, optimizing performance.

Additionally, for data availability, it noted that Eclipseutilizes  Celestia, allowing Eclipse to achieve high throughput and efficient data publishing. 

The robust scalability of Celestia’s bandwidth ensures seamless operation. Eclipse also utilizes RISC Zero for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs of fraud. 

Why Eclipse 

One of the reasons behind the launch of Eclipse is to address Ethereum’s need for scalability. While Eclipse is renowned for its work on app-specific rollups, it recognizes the necessity for a general-purpose Layer 2 (L2) solution capable of handling extensive scalability. 

Therefore, Eclipse aims to provide a versatile L2 framework to efficiently accommodate diverse use cases instead of operating like specialized chains that cater to specific applications, 

Another feature that Eclipse brings to the Web3 space is that it utilizes an efficient merklization process, which allows for significant improvements in state handling compared to the Ethereum blockchain.

It  achieves full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility through Neon EVM, enabling the deployment of EVM smart contracts on any SVM chain. This compatibility ensures a seamless experience for users while benefiting from SVM’s parallelized execution.

Another benefit is a seamless user experience with MetaMask due to the integration with MetaMask Snaps, which allows EVM users to interact natively with Eclipse Mainnet, eliminating the need to switch wallets, and the adoption of Firedancer, a Solana client, which promises to significantly increase the network’s throughput, resilience, and efficiency.

Eclipse said that its vision aligns with Ethereum’s ethos of continuous innovation. By harnessing the latest technologies and combining the best elements of existing platforms, Eclipse Mainnet seeks to address the scalability challenges faced by the crypto community. 

It also added that as the ecosystem evolves, Eclipse stands ready to provide an efficient and adaptable Layer 2 solution for users and developers alike.

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