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Bybit launches TradeGPT, AI-powered education tool



Bybit has unveiled its latest AI-powered tool, TradeGPT, an educational device designed to empower crypto enthusiasts. 

Bybit is one of the crypto exchanges that has over time come to embrace the possibilities in the AI world.

Earlier in June, Bybit introduced ToolGPT, its first AI tool, to enhance the trading platform. 

It noted that ToolGPT would offer predictions for long-term and short-term cryptocurrency price trends, including Ethereum. 

It features a user-friendly interface and is available for free, providing seamless access to other platform tools. 

This addition aims to assist users in making informed trading decisions. After integration with ToolGPT, TradeGPT becomes the next AI tool on the crypto platform.

TradeGPT would serve as a mentor and guide for those navigating the intricate world of Web3. 

It provides valuable insights into market strategies, complete with a percentage-based likelihood of success, and recommends suitable products aligned with these strategies.

Bybit said that the TradeGPT tool aligns with its commitment to become one of the best crypto platforms in the world where users can access free mentorship and financial education.

Real time data usage

Furthermore, it noted that while conventional ChatGPT lacks access to real-time data, TradeGPT would leverage Bybit’s wealth of market data, trading analytics, and technical tools. 

By combining the capabilities of AI models with Bybit’s cutting-edge data, users can now access real-time market insights and answers to their queries in multiple languages.

Vivien Fang, who leads Financial Products at Bybit, explained that they created TradeGPT to fill the gap in financial education and mentorship in the heavily financialized world. 

The tool was developed to provide the kind of guidance they wished they had when starting careers in financial engineering and trading. 

Bybit has pushed for significant expansion throughout 2023 with a license gained in June to operate a cryptocurrency exchange and provide custody services in Cyprus. 

With this license, Bybit can offer its users in Cyprus a reliable and secure platform for cryptocurrency trading, supported by robust custody services.

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