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Aave V3 Unleashes Cross-Network with Freezing Steward Feature 



Aave V3, a centralized finance protocol, has introduced a freezing steward, enabling the emergency administrator to freeze reserves across networks. This AIP aims to synchronize the behavior by doing the same across networks.

Previously, this particular feature only functioned within the Ethereum network. However, it has now expanded its compatibility and operates across various networks  including Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Metis, and Base. 

This system was created to maintain security across Aave V3 deployments, essentially to maintain up-to-date preventative functionality on all networks.

These facilitate the addition of a  FreezingSteward as the riskAdmin on the canonical Aave V3 deployments across different networks like Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Metis, and Base. The FreezingSteward is identical to the one currently deployed on Ethereum, and only allows the emergencyAdmin listed in the ACLManager for the given deployment to freeze reserves.

This proposal also acts as an approval for the Guardian to execute a specified action on the Avalanche network.

A recent deployment of the Aave v3 fork on Base has enabled undercollateralized borrowing through predefined  smart contract strategies, marking a significant advancement in DeFi innovation. 

This collaboration among DeFi developers signals a necessary system in the blockchain ecosystem, as it introduces a non-custodial liquidity market on a layer-2 network Base, promising to enable trustless smart contracts to automatically connect liquidity pools with borrowing strategies and underlining the continual evolution and promise of DeFi solutions on the Base network.


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