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Unstoppable Domains introduces decentralized messaging via XMTP



Unstoppable Domains has introduced an instant messaging system powered by XMTP, marking a significant step towards decentralized communication. 

Utilizing the newly introduced messaging feature, individuals possessing NFT domain names provided by Unstoppable Domains can communicate with each other seamlessly.

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain-based domain name system that offers an alternative to traditional DNS. It uses blockchain platforms like Ethereum to provide domain names stored as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Unlike centralized domains, Unstoppable Domains gives users true ownership of their domain names and data. 

It also allows users to associate cryptocurrency addresses with their domain names, streamlining crypto transactions.

XMTP (Extensible Message Transport Protocol) is an open protocol for secure web3 messaging. Developers use XMTP SDKs to enable messaging between blockchain accounts in their applications. 

XMTP handles user authentication, end-to-end encryption, and offers an interoperable inbox across XMTP-enabled apps. It also facilitates relaying messages within a progressively decentralized XMTP network.

Web3 usernames 

Web3 usernames, often referred to as decentralized usernames or Web3 IDs, are unique crypto-centric identifiers. Unlike traditional usernames used in centralized platforms, Web3 usernames are not tied to a specific platform or service provider. Instead, they are part of a user’s digital identity across the broader Web3 ecosystem.

They provide users with control and ownership over their identities. They are usually linked to a user’s cryptographic keys, allowing them to authenticate their actions and interactions on various decentralized applications (dApps) and platforms. 

Aside from Unstoppable Domains, there are other decentralized username providers such as, Ethereum Name Service, Solana Name Service, PeerName, and Aptos Names.

Usernames permitted 

According to the Domain Service Provider, usernames ending in .crypto, .wallet, .polygon, or other Unstoppable Domains-registered domains can now communicate with each other across a variety of XMTP-enabled apps. 

Some of the Dapps mentioned include the Unstoppable Domains iOS app, Coinbase Wallet, and apps utilizing the Lens protocol like Lenster and Buttrfly. Unstoppable Domains also added that the service is set to be launched for Android users.

Aaron Quirk, Principal Engineer at Unstoppable Domains, said that the company is also planning to integrate with Push Protocol, another Web3 messaging platform. 

The firm has been on a collaboration spree over the past two years signing with firms like Polygon, and BinanceUS amongst others. 

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