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Can GameFi trends boost brand marketing? 1inch Partnerships Lead thinks so



In today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, standing out requires an approach that is both captivating and immersive.

That’s why at ETHCC Paris, Aleksandra Fetisova, the Partnerships Lead of 1inch Network, shed light on how leveraging the principles of GameFi can greatly accelerate  marketing  for products  entering the market.

According to Aleksandra, gamification transcends the realm of gaming itself. It delves into understanding users’ psychology and emotions for creating engaging interactions .

She highlighted the early attempts of blockchain games that utilized gamification to entice Web2users to embrace the blockchain, even though the technology was still in its nascent stage. 

However, with the abundance of advanced tools and resources available today, gamification can seamlessly integrate into marketing strategies, drawing in a larger user base.

The success of Defi Racer

The talk delved into the success story of their game, Defi Racer, accessible via  the One Inch wallet. The team’s brainstorming and creativity culminated in a racing game where users competed against each other, earning rewards and tokens for their efforts. 

Surprisingly, the game garnered over 10,000 installs, despite not  being an on-chain game. This demonstrated the potential of GameFi in attracting and engaging users in a competitive market.

Aleksandra also shared that her team is continuously upgrading the game, planning to add more features and engage different communities. 

One ingenious tactic involved pitting various communities against each other, igniting friendly rivalries through Twitter showdowns and community battles. These competitions organically promote the project while building a sense of unity among users.

Collaboration matters

Her presentation further explored how collaborations with other projects in the crypto space can help boost the marketing for Web3 projects. 

One example she gave involved a partnership with the Illuvium game, which boasted over 1 million users. Custom NFTs were created to entice users from both projects, showcasing the power of collaborative efforts in driving mutual growth.

She added that Web3 brands that lack sufficient marketing budget can aarget top Web2 brands to implement projects such as an NFT launch to expand their brand presence as well as that of the Web2 company.

Moreover, Aleksandra highlighted the effectiveness of educational  campaigns, quizzes, pop-ups, and lighthearted jokes about competitors. These creative marketing tactics boosted engagement, onboarded new users, and bolstered the brand’s presence.

Overall, Aleksandra’s talk revealed the possibilities that GameFi and gamification present for marketers in the blockchain industry. The seamless integration of gaming elements with marketing strategies not only entices new users but also strengthens the bond with existing ones.

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