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Binance Labs Backs Delphinus Lab



Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in Delphinus Lab, the creators of the first open-source zkWASM Virtual Machine. This development could drastically affect the future of Web3 applications. As a result of this collaboration, decentralized applications might experience new levels of scalability and efficiency. 

The development of zero-knowledge WebAssembly (zkWASM) by Delphinus Lab is a game-changing innovation that has the potential to unlock a wide range of possibilities in the blockchain industry. 

The open-source approach to developing the zkWASM Virtual Machine by Delphinus Lab emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity. By providing a platform that is open for contributions, the company aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem of developers, enthusiasts, and blockchain visionaries. They can collectively push the boundaries of what Web3 applications can achieve.

Delphinus Lab is poised to accelerate the development and adoption of zkWASM technology across the blockchain and crypto space with the support of Binance Labs. This innovation has the potential to fuel a new era of decentralized applications that are not only secure and private but also extremely scalable and efficient. This opens the door to a wide variety of use cases that were previously hindered by technical limitations.

With Binance Labs’ support through its investment, Delphinus Lab can push the boundaries of zkWASM technology and pioneer the development of next-generation Web3 applications.


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