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Manta launches Manta Pacific, a modular ecosystem for ZK applications



Manta has announced the launch of the Manta Pacific, a modular ecosystem for ZK applications. Manta Pacific leverages Manta’s universal circuits and ZK interface, enabling on-chain composability and easy integration into web2 applications. The solution is built on top of the Ethereum ecosystem and uses Celestia for data availability. 

The Manta Network is made up of Manta Atlantic, a lightning-fast ZK substrate framework layer 1 solution offering compliant on-chain privacy solutions, and Manta Pacific. According to Manta, its parachain built on Polkadot is now rebranded as Manta Atlantic. 

This upgrade will create an ecosystem where “real users and their needs are at the forefront with deployment flexibility powered by zero-knowledge.”

The challenge that brought about the introduction of Manta Pacific was the scalability difficulty of ZK solutions. Privacy networks lack programmability for application layers, and general VM, EVM blockchains, and zkEVM require developers to learn new languages. 

Manta Pacific, an EVM-native modular execution layer, addresses these challenges by offering a scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform for ZK application development and deployment. 

This makes Manta Pacific a significant step forward for the wider Web3 ecosystem as developers with knowledge of Solidity and Rust can build on the protocol.

Advantages of Manta

Manta Pacific’s modular stack offers unparalleled scalability for future zkApps, using Celestia as the data availability (DA) layer and Caldera’s customized OP Stack Rollup solution as the execution layer. 

This approach significantly reduces transaction costs for end users and offers the best interoperability, engineering maturity, and long-term ecosystem outlook. 

Manta Pacific also introduces Universal Circuits 2.0, which elevates the developer experience for deploying EVM-native ZK applications. These circuits provide a ZK library for developers to easily call ZK-enabled contracts for their existing Solidity smart contracts and dapps. 

Manta Pacific is committed to pushing Celestia and OP Stack’s modularity vision further to the ZK use case adoption frontier, advancing the Web3 application to address key scalability issues and ZK adoptions to tackle compliance privacy concerns. 

With over 300,000 zkSBTs minted on Manta’s NPO sites and 200,000 wallet installations, Manta has successfully introduced and verified a substantial real user base in the zk space.

Manta noted that it will “continue to push the boundaries for zkSBT and MantaPay use and adoption for Rust developers, along with SDK and proof key integrations.” With the upcoming Manta Pacific testnet that will onboard developers and applications to the ecosystem, it revealed that Manta Network will expand to serve both Web2 and Web ecosystems. 

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