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Private Key Compromised for unshETH Contracts; Withdrawals Temporarily Halted



Due to a major issue involving one of the deployers’ private keys for unshETH contracts, a popular protocol that is based on Ethereum, withdrawals have been temporarily halted. This was caused by the compromise of one of the deployer’s private keys. 

The security issue, which was discovered not too long ago, has caused users to express alarm and brings to light the ongoing dangers that decentralized finance (DeFi) networks are up against.

It is crucial to highlight that even while withdrawals have been temporarily halted as a precautionary measure, deposits of unspent Ether, which have a total value locked (TVL) of about $35 million, have not been compromised and are safe.

These deposits are safe because they are guarded by a combination of multi-signature authorization and timelocks, which guarantees that they are not vulnerable to loss.

The team further disclosed through their Twitter account that a number of ancillary protocols were compromised. Protocols that provided a variety of services, including farming, bridge building, and others .

Despite this, they have informed users that their monies will not be lost as a result of the multi-sig and timelock features that secure deposits.

They are hard at work addressing the security breach and implementing enhanced steps to reinforce the platform against future threats that are comparable to the one that occurred.

In addition, they said that they are collaborating with security professionals from Coinbase, StargateFinance, Github, Paladin Blockchain Security, and whitehats such as Ogle.

The hacker has been contacted, and a deal to keep 10 per cent while returning the rest is currently being negotiated. If the hacker fails to comply, the team will unleash their full wrath, and a public bounty will be offered.

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