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‘Mystic Stealer’ Raises Alarm Among Security Experts



The  Director of Information Security at SlowMist has taken to Twitter to issue an alert to users about a newly discovered threat to the cryptocurrency community.

The tweet claims that a new piece of cryptocurrency-stealing software called “Mystic Stealer” has appeared and that it is capable of infiltrating a wide variety of browsers, browser extensions, and cryptocurrency wallets.

Reportedly able to exploit loopholes in over 40 different browsers and more than 70 add-ons, Mystic Stealer has gained notoriety recently.

The program is said to be designed to steal cryptocurrency from digital wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Binance, Rabby Wallet, OKX Wallet, OneKey, and others. This frightening capability prompts worries about the potential loss of digital assets for both individuals and businesses.

The primary goal of Mystic Stealer is said to be data theft, and it displays abilities that allow it to steal numerous types of data.

The hostname, user name, and globally unique identifier (GUID) of the system are just some of the bits of data it is meant to snag. Using the user’s keyboard layout and native language, the system can infer their geographical location. But that’s not all.

Key data from browsers and cryptocurrency wallets can be stolen by this Mystic Stealer. Like many other crime attacks, it is known to steal information from auto-fill fields, browser history, random files, cookies, and details about cryptocurrency wallets.

Mystic Stealer is compatible with all of the most well-known cryptocurrency wallets, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Binance, and many others. It can also hijack Telegram and Steam details too.

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