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Why is the former Marvel Studios chairman hyped about Web3?



Web3 is the third generation of the internet, focused on giving power and control to the people through the use of decentralization technologies such as the blockchain. It aims to empower individuals and communities by giving them more control over their online lives and enabling new forms of value exchange and collaboration. 

This revolution brought by Web3 has attracted several organizations and personalities around the world, among them the former Chairman of Marvel Studios, David Maisel.

In his first-ever appearance at the Consensus 2023, David revealed that the same way he felt about building Marvel Studios, which is now owned by Disney, is what it is like delving into the Web3 space. In 2003, Maisel pitched Marvel Studios’ top executives, Avi Arad and Isaac Perlmutter, on financing and producing movies in a connected cinematic universe. 

He engineered a slate-structure financing of $525 million, was promoted to Vice Chairman and Chairman, and was later recognized as the Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios in 2015 after the sale to Disney.

Although he launched Mythos Studios, an IP entertainment studio that minted the Ekos Genesis Art Collection in April, David shared that the ability for users in Web3 to freely share what they create, especially digital art, without restrictions is one of his best attractions towards the industry.

 “You don’t have to just go to the museum or go to somebody’s home,” to experience these assets. He revealed that his passion for art has been a great part of what drives him to be part of Web3.

Future of NFTs

Speaking about NFTs, the founder of Mythos Studios noted that NFTs are a great tool of art, and the value they carry is far greater than their price tags. He added that he wants to truly share the endless possibilities he sees in the kind of art developed in Web3.

As the NFT industry undergoes transformation, especially with innovations like fractionalization enabling co-ownership, Bitcoin Ordinals, etc, perhaps, we may anticipate more thrilling contributions from veterans like David in the realm of entertainment.

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