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Tether’s Q1 2023 Assurance Report highlights Reserves Surplus and Enhanced Transparency.



Tether, one of the world’s largest stablecoin issuers, has just released its Q1 2023 Assurance Report, which highlights a significant increase in reserve surplus and reveals new categories.

The report reveals an excess of $2.44 billion, which reflects a staggering increase in net profit of $1.48 billion over the previous period. 

The Q1 2023 Assurance Report of Tether has been updated to include additional categories, which has further strengthened the company’s commitment to transparency.

Additional clarity regarding the makeup of Tether’s reserves can now be gained from the updated report, which contains specific information regarding Tether’s Bitcoin and Gold allocations.

By putting Bitcoin and Gold in its portfolio, Tether has shown that it is serious about diversifying its reserve stocks outside of traditional digital currencies. Holding Bitcoin and Gold in its portfolio, Tether can potentially benefit from any future increases in their value..

This report will have a lot of effects on the cryptocurrency environment as a whole. The reserve surplus strengthens Tether’s place on the market, and it also helps the market have more faith in stablecoins in general. 

It also serves as a reminder that stablecoin projects must be run in a responsible and transparent manner to achieve long-term success.


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