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Chronos DEX Skyrockets: Reaches $217M TVL in Only 7 Days



Chronos, a decentralized exchange (DEX), achieved a new milestone on May 4, reaching $217 million in TVL. Despite regulatory uncertainty in the United States, Chronos ranks eighth among the largest DEXs. This achievement underscores the growing popularity of DEXs, which offer a decentralized and self-custodial alternative to centralized exchanges. 

Chronos recorded this new all-time just seven days after its launch on the Arbitrum blockchain. TVL represents the total value locked, that is funds held or funds staked in a protocol. 

The decentralized exchange after enabling Chronos token emissions to liquidity pools via Epoch 1, which also enabled stakes to begin collecting rewards had its TVL hit the milestone hours after the integration. 

Chronos is a liquidity provider and automated market maker for the Arbitrum network. It was launched on April 27 and houses core pools including Chronos-Ether (CHR/ETH) and Chronos-USD Coin (CHR/USDC). The core pools are both seeded with 2 million CHR tokens. Additionally, the pools include Arbitrum-Ether (ARB/ETH), Ether-USD Coin (ETH/USDC), USD Coin-USD Tether (USDC/USDT), and Wrapped Bitcoin/Ether (WBTC/ETH) pools.

Decentralized exchanges since the 2022 crypto market crash and bankruptcy saga have gained traders’ attention. Situated at the center of DeFi, industry players have grown to appreciate DEXs especially after FTX imploded.

DEXs are peer-to-peer marketplaces powered by smart contracts to enable self-executing transactions. Users transact without turning over their funds to intermediaries or custodians. However, as DEXs prove many advantages over CEX, there are cases of hacks, exploits, and bugs where protocols could lose huge funds.

Key industry players like Charles Wayn have commented on the benefits DEXs could bring, noting that the “decentralization that DEXs bring matters more than ever.” Charles Wayne is the co-founder of the Web3 community platform Galxe. He further mentioned  that “DEXs and wallets will be the backbones of gaming adoption in the coming years.”

Bob Baxley, chief technology officer of Maverick Protocol, said that the previous year has served as a proof-of-concept for DEXs and DeFi. He also mentioned that the tightening regulatory environment in the United States is likely to benefit DEXs.

Also, Brent Xu, founder of Web3 bond-market platform Umee, analyzed that there could be an increase in volume for DEXs, “especially when the underlying blockchains like Ethereum continue to scale and, in turn, offer more throughput for lower gas prices.”

As the crypto market continues to mature, DEXs like Chronos are likely to play an increasingly important role in facilitating peer-to-peer trading and supporting the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

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