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Bitboy project, Bencoin, releases new road map



Bencoin has announced its new roadmap for the crypto that was launched in Q2 2023. Bencoin started as a meme coin created in a Telegram group made of top crypto personalities bearing the name, Ben. These people include Ben Goertzel, Ben Lakeoff, Ben Noble, and Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy, a YouTuber.

In the process of running the project, there was a change of team, which brought about a new roadmap. Here’s the breakdown of the roadmap:

Public Awareness Campaigns

This will involve pro-crypto public awareness campaigns, such as advertising campaigns online and offline. Speaking about the spread of the project, Bencoin said that they are considering displaying the project at the Super Bowl event. 

Other steps to come under this include a new website, while a new logo was released by the project on 24th May, 2023.

Accessible Crypto Education

Under this plan, Bencoin announced its intention to engage in strategic crypto education. They plan to bring crypto education to primary, secondary, and higher institutions, release crypto materials to libraries, and conduct independent seminars and workshops.

Gov’t Regulation

Bencoin aims to support politicians who are pro-crypto and endorse crypto regulations that benefit the industry. As an immediate step toward this goal, Bencoin plans to engage a lobbying firm.

Unbiased News

Bencoin aims to promote the dissemination of impartial news and information regarding the crypto industry. “We are going to create an unbiased news network to destroy Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and the Block,” Bencoin said.

Although the Bencoin token, which is on the Ethereum blockchain, can be traded on CoinW, BTCEX, BitMart, SuperEx, and BitForex, there are hopes that it will be listed on Binance by Q3 2023. Other expectations for Bencoin include launching voting for the Bencoin community on issues such as burn mechanisms, buybacks, and selling tax in Q4 of 2023; announcing a new COO; and $BEN going live on Stake in three months’ time.

The evolution of Bencoin

The story about the project has it that after its launch by Ben.eth, it was sold to Bitboy. In the course of the deal, Bitboy promised that he would hold all his $BEN tokens for at least six months. However, he decided to sell them off just days after making his promise. This sparked a backlash in the crypto community.

In response, Bitboy said that he had to sell the tokens to pursue a deal towards the formation of the Bencoin foundation, which has an interested party. “Ben Coin Foundation will hold 86T in tokens and 20T in Liquidity Pool for a total of 106T coins that can’t be sold until a $500M market cap on a vesting schedule.”

Although Bitboy sold his tokens, the project still has significant figures, such as a present marketcap of over $70 million, and 20,742 holders.

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