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Mastercard to scale into blockchain tech with Start Path Digital Assets program



In an effort to scale creative solutions and create the future of commerce using blockchain technology, Mastercard has partnered with Six other fintech companies through its Mastercard Start Path Digital Assets program.

According to the newsroom, the Start Path Digital Assets program is designed to help blockchain startups grow and scale their businesses by providing them with the necessary resources and expertise. The program will also be used to investigate potential use cases and scale new solutions with fintech all over the world. Starting from decentralizing the creator economy to tokenizing grant proposals to creating crypto wallets and more.

The program will provide participating startups with an extensive number of opportunities including specialized training programs, access to Mastercard’s enormous network of channels and clients, as well as chances for technical collaboration.

With all the benefits, Mastercard has announced that five startups will be joining the program; Axelar, Cheeze, Coala Pay, Qonbay, and RociFi. These startups were picked due to their ability to have already raised seed or Series A capital. They have shown a potential to innovate and upend the blockchain industry. In addition, they also have a proven product-market fit with a focus on digital assets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain value-added services, and the metaverse.

Axelar is a blockchain interoperability platform that enables cross-chain communication and the transfer of value across different blockchain networks. Cheeze is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to earn rewards by providing liquidity to the platform.

Coala Pay is a blockchain-based payment gateway that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. Qonbay is a decentralized marketplace for tokenized assets.

Suberra enables the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments for recurring subscriptions, metaverse commerce, marketplaces, and more while RociFi is a blockchain-based real estate platform that offers fractional ownership of properties.

With the launch of the Mastercard Start Path Digital Assets initiative, Mastercard has made great strides in embracing blockchain technology and fostering the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

 Mastercard is in a good position to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution and promote innovation in the financial sector by collaborating with creative companies and giving them access to the tools and knowledge they need.


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