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Content Monetization is coming to Twitter – Elon Musk



Billionaire and Owner of the Social Media Platform Twitter, Elon Musk, has said the social media platform will begin content monetization in the coming weeks. 

In a recent tweet, he revealed the platform’s plan to behind monetizing=g user-generated content. This announcement comes after he also announced that new content formats were coming to the platform is coming. . He added that Twitter plans to surpass YouTube’s current rate, which pays creators 55% of total ad revenue generated from their videos. 


Musk said there will be more information to share about monetization in two weeks. The comments came after he also announced Twitter “will soon add the ability to attach long-form text to tweets,” an addition he said will end the “absurdity of notepad screenshots.”

An updated app description for Twitter in the Apple App Store that appeared Saturday also pointed to new features like longer-format video and “priority ranking for quality content.” The update included what appeared to be a rollout of Musk’s divisive authentication blue-check subscription plan, which cost $7.99. 

n a tweet, Elon Musk announced that content creators could monetize “all forms of content”, including texts and videos. In a reply to his tweet, a user with the handle @Everyday Astronaut and bio “professional rocket orientation specialist” replied “If Twitter could handle the [full-length] feature videos” and “offer a similar monetization system [as] YouTube does”.

.Musk responded by saying that Twitter “can do 42 min chunks at 1080 resolution now for new Blue, so you could break up a longer video.” He also said that the 42-minute video limit should be fixed next month.  The new Twitter boss also noted that initially the limit will be 42 minutes and the platform will then offer support for “several hours in a month or so.”

Twitter currently offers two video-monetization programs “Amplify Pre-Roll” and “Amplify Sponsorships” for advertisers, according to its website.


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